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Matteo Renzi threatens the Visegrad group with financial sanctions

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Belgium, Brussels – The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had threaten the member countries of the Visegrád group with the possible lessening of their European subsidies, if they keep being opposed to the mandatory quota system regarding migrants.

He insisted on the fact that “the migrants crisis touching all the European countries, this is a common European issue”. In the words of the Italian Premier, the lack of solidarity from the Visegrád group will imply less European spending for their benefit. Italy is the 3rd financial contributor of the European Union. The founds dedicated to the less developed regions of former communists countries are defined for a 7 years period ; if the threat is applied, that could lead to less subsidies until 2020.

“Hungary had been politically blackmailed”

These statements of the Italian Prime Minister made react the Hungarian government’s spokesman,  Zoltán Kovács, who speaks about the political blackmailing of Hungary. According to the spokesman, the Visegrád’s countries have a firm and clear stance, the mandatory quotas system will not resolve the migrant crisis and has no room in Europe. The actual migration policy has failed, since it is inapplicable, and besides V4’s propositions, very little meaningful steps have been taken in recent times, he added.