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Half a thousand illegal immigrants arrested in Hungary

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Hungary, Budapest – It has been nearly six months since it had not happened.

Since the Autumn, the police and the Hungarian army caught their higher number of illegal migrants this weekend. 501 migrants were arrested between Friday and Sunday, at the southern border of the country – told MTI the command of the National Police. On the Hungarian national police website, which records every day the number of illegal entries in the country, 113 illegal immigrants were arrested on Friday, 151 on Saturday and 237 on Sunday.

Since the beginning of the year, about 10 migrants per day entered  illegally the country, except for some days in late January and early February, when groups of a few dozen individuals tried to cross illegally the border. According to the Office of Migration and the courts in charge of illegals, migrants’ countries of origin are very diverse. Many are the Turks, the Maghrebians or the Kosovars, but there are also Cubans, Haitians and Sri Lankans.

Szeged’s attorney’s office, in southern Hungary, near the Serbian border, issued 1,325 judgments against illegals, since the declaration of emergency declared in the region in September 2015, until last Friday. Three immediate appearances also occurred due to degradation of the border’s fence.