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Croatia’s first geothermal plant project is planned

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Croatia, Bjelovar – Two companies invested in a project of geothermal plant in Croatia, Geothermal Company and MB Holding. The plant should be built in Velika Ciglena near Bjelovar.


MB Holding is a society based in Turkey. They chose to invest in this project in part because of the geological similarities between Croatia and Turkey, that already counts two geothermal plants. According to the chairman of MB Holding, “Croatia’s 35 percent of electricity will be provided by renewable sources after 2020”.

“The superiority of geothermal energy compared to other sources of energy, such as fossil fuel, nuclear and the other renewable sources, is immeasurable. Most of the renewable energy sources can function only with big incentives and when they are discontinued some of them are no longer viable”, said Dragan Jurilj, the owner of Geothermal Company, “Geothermal energy is the future of energy, especially when it comes to renewable sources”.

Geothermal power is a sustainable and renewable source of energy, and the greenhouse gas emissions of a geothermal plant are less than 5% of that of coal-fired plant, and less than 1% of that of a fossil fuel power plant. Also, after the steam and water from a geothermal reservoir are used, they are injected back into the earth.

The beginning of the operation for Croatia’s first geothermal power plant is expected to start in May 2017.