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“Croatia’s time to speak up”

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This article has been suggested by the translator, Sebastian Baxter. It has been published originally in Croatian, on May 21, on and written by Borislav Ristic. The following article does not necessarily represent the views of the staff of the Visegrád Post. We are publishing it because we believe it offers an interesting perspective, but we do not endorse the author’s conclusions.

Donald Trump seems able to commit no fault. It’s not always consequence of his ideology-free, common-sense approach to politics, but is also a result of his opponents’ ideological blindness as well as their entrenched arrogance.

 Luck in politics tend to bless ones courageous enough to speak the truth; the actual events shape themselves to the mold of their words. And so it happened that the huge Polish ethnic community in the United States, numbering in excess of 10 million voters, have now changed their minds on how to vote in the forthcoming presidential elections, having previously already expressed support for Trump’s nemesis, Hillary Clinton. For most part, Americans of Polish descent, will now stay at home come November 8th, due to neither credit nor fault of Donald Trump himself.

As newswires have noted, the change of heart came within minutes of Hillary’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton, finishing his recent speech at a Democratic party rally in New Jersey, where he was heard saying: „Poles and Hungarians seem to think nowadays that Democracy brings along too many problems, so they’ve decided to give it up and instead elect political leaders similar to Vladimir Putin. Give us an authoritarian dictator and keep foreigners away from our borders. Sounds familiar?“ said Bill in clear reference to Donald Trump.

Surprise did not extend to the American-Polish community only, back in their „old-country“, Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szydło, immediately demanded Clintons apologies to „entire Polish nation“, whilst the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, told the media „Bill Clinton seems to have spoken after missing an appointment with his psychiatrist“.

Similar reactions were voiced by the highest ranking state-officials in Hungary as well.

Here in Croatia, however, we can only look in envy how our proud neighborly central European nations stand up to repeated attacks by the globalists against both the sovereignty and dignity of nation-states around the world.

The Government of Croatia is also being targeted, pretty much from the moment it took office, by the globalization elites and their media servants, but those attacks have so far remained unanswered.

In a clear contrast to Poland and Hungary, Croatia seem to stay silent when its politics are smeared by mud being thrown at it, and if there is an occasional reaction it’s more likely to be one of masochistic approval rather than a refusal in defense of our nation’s democracy. There is hardly a day without an article being published in foreign media denouncing Croatia’s Government as a „neo-Ustasha“ or a „pro-Fascist“ one – yet we continue to choose to turn the other cheek.

We have witnessed, only days ago, how President of the Republic, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, in presence of no other than the US Ambassador herself, voluntarily and silently accepts public demonstration of insults directed at the very institution of the nation’s Head-of-State conducted by radical left-wing activists at the official ceremony celebrating the World Press Freedom Day.

Remaining silent when confronted with public display of so much destructive energy suggests not only the acceptance of charges being levied, but also an admission of guilt. Our President hardly went through a major cathartic or cognitive experience that suddenly made her tongue-tied. Her lack of reaction seem to have rather reflected paralysis caused by the presence at the incident of those who are bigger and stronger than we are. It was a testament to a complete loss of integrity and absence of self-respect, and it also portrayed us as being ready to submit our national sovereignty at a moment’s notice to the Globalization preachers and their elites.

We have learned in that single moment that this Government is right-wing and sovereign in some archaic, almost folklore sense only. We’d seen more protection of our sovereignty and exercise in national self awareness by previous left-wing administration when it occasionally rejected some of Brussels-made directives and in its resistance to some of Angela Merkel’s policies during the migrant crisis, than what we’ve seen so far by current, nominally right-wing and Conservative administration.

This time around we’re witnessing our officials seeking to obtain their opinions from foreign embassies. Strategies of national development and even wording of our Laws are being drafted in some far-flung offices in Brussels, whilst we are continuing to seek allies among those who detest us and who repeatedly hit us behind ears, telling us we are not good enough. For good measure, patriotism is also being demonstrated, mostly by way of making very loud patriotic noise only.

Meanwhile, outside our borders it’s clear there’s something new brewing in the brave wide world.

Global elites are in a state of disarray. They are loosing both influence and the power they once had. Donald Trump’s almost certain victory in the US presidential elections is putting fear in their bones. Which is, incidentally, also why everyone talks so much about Fascism these days, and seeking to name and shame imaginary ghosts of Fascism at the smallest sign of a nation-state’s sovereignty being asserted anywhere in the World.

In his recent speech on future US foreign policy Donald Trump made a statement in crystal clear terms: „We will no longer submit this country, nor its people, to the siren call of Globalization. The Nation-State will remain truthful foundation upon which happiness and harmony are built“.

There are many in Croatia too who are, along with the globalization elites, afraid of Trump. They wonder in disbelief what kind of the World is it going to be when the only remaining true super-power voluntarily gives up on the ideology of Globalization. Similar phenomena is noted elsewhere, where local political leaders have found their true happiness and purpose of very existence in being loyal servants to the global masters, and not to those in their own communities who elected them to be their own leaders and not servants to others.

We do not pretend to know all the answers, but we think we know this: It is going to be a world where servility, kissing hands to the powerful, and long speeches filled with empty phraseology will likely not be much valued or rewarded. On the other hand, we also expect revival of higher moral values which include political independence, assertive defense of nation’s freedom, displaying respect for one’s own dignity, and sometimes even readiness to speak up and put in their place those more powerful than we are.

Perhaps it is the very medicine needed to heal Croatia’s silence syndrome as well. To make it speak up for itself, at long last.

Translated from Croatian and adapted into English by Sebastian Baxter.