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A citizen militias network to prevent the influx of Muslim migrants

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Czechia – The network includes 2,500 individuals and 90 antennas distributed throughout the Czech territory in anticipation of the migrant flood which pours on the European continent and possible asylum applications.

A citizen militias network, consisting of 2,500 people, was created in the Czechia to prevent the influx of muslim migrants. “The National Guard is ready to defend the country,” it said on the band’s Facebook page, followed on canvas by 12,000 users. Nela Liskova, one of three leaders of the group said Wednesday in a statement that “if the government does not take things in hand, citizens will act with the means available to prevent the influx of migrants “.

The former director of Czech Information, Andrew Sandor, estimated that this group is a “danger”. “This type of task can not be performed by ordinary people. They are neither the police nor the army”, he argued. Stressing that the task falls to the state to avail of this kind of invasion but, if it had to defect, the citizen action would come bearing the breach.

Czechia is not a destination in high demand by migrants in comparison to other European countries. Only thousand asylum applications were submitted last year to the Czech authorities and 415 requests in the first quarter 2016. This militia is the result of the concern of peoples facing the unprecedented influx of non-European migrants and demonstrates the need for the authorities to quickly resolve the migration issue.