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Austria: Cardinal Schönborn’s turnabout on migrants

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The Archbishop of Vienna made his criticism on the reception of Muslim refugees. While Germany is in turn targeted by the Islamic state since the train axe attack in Bavaria, Cardinal and Archbishop of Vienna spoke about the problems of policies integration of refugees in Austria.

A cultural difference

As explained in this article Site, Cardinal Schönborn wishes “to correct” some concerning his statements on asylum policy. On many occasions, he had indeed compared the arrival of refugees in Germany to home in other times of immigrants from Hungary or the Czech Republic by Austria. He criticized recent restrictions and asylum established in the country to fight against abuses.
“But there is a difference,” said the Dominican, “these refugees were all Europeans, they had roughly the same culture, for much the same religion. Even the integration of Bosnians, for many Muslims, has gone much faster with a great cultural proximity. ” Now it’s a just immigration today the Middle East” and “there is there a cultural and religious difference which is a factor of concern.”

The fear of terrorism

The fact that a deep desire to help migrants leaves room today in Austria to a double refusal hatred is explained by the Archbishop fears by many of its inhabitants, as compared to the social aspect that that of terrorism. Austria increased gradually to a prosperous society to a society in which everything becomes more and more difficult for everyone. “I grew up in a society that was getting better every year,” he says, while the current generation “sees its future prospects deteriorate.” As for the potential for violent acts in the name of religion, Cardinal Schönborn calls “the clearest possible positioning Muslim authorities” since “whether justified or not, the terror now has an Islamist label.