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Austria threatened Merkel

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By István Lovas.

“Austria threatened Merkel : the refugees will be sent to Germany” titled the Deutsch Wirtschafts Nachrichten German news portal, quoting the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz, who declared necessary to strengthen the protection of the external borders of the European Union.

The refugees arriving without identity papers must be relocated on the island outside of the European Union’s borders, then sent back to centers in third countries. “The EU must quickly learn from countries such as Australia,” said the conservative politician. The Australian navy put asylum seekers on islands in the Pacific ocean; which is criticized by Human Rights organizations. He added that if the EU would have strong border protection, there would be no need for a deal on migrants with Turkey.

But who claims that EU’s external borders do not need protection should logically ask for the restoration of national borders. Therefore, Austria did not excluded to send the refugees to Germany.

Translated from Hungarian by the Visegrád Post.
Originally published on István Lovas’ blog.