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Poland cancels her $ 3.4 billion contract with Airbus

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Poland – The Polish Ministry of Development announced last week that it was breaking the negotiations with Airbus, which concerned an order for 50 Caracal helicopters.

The Development Ministry said the Airbus company had proposed a contract that does not provide enough interest and economic security of Poland.


It was the previous government that had signed the preliminary agreement with Airbus to improve the defense. The PiS had then criticized the act, saying it would be better to turn to local producers.


Poland always seeks to equip herself with military helicopters, also members of the current government, including Beata Szydło, have made several visits to factories in south-eastern Poland, to meet the first wish of PiS that is to “produce military equipment for the Polish army in Poland. ” Also, Beata Szydło said that “the industry must be producing economic growth and also create opportunities for local companies to compete with the best global players.”