Orbán plans to double the Hungarian army and rise patriotism among children

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Hungary – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he had taken the necessary steps in order to double the Hungarian army’s personnel from 2017. Orbán also wishes the military instruction of children to develop, especially using sport. The Hungarian PM wants it to serve as a counter-culture to reinforce social cohesion, patriotism and the spirit of sacrifice.

The Hungarian army is modernizing since 2010 and the return to power of Viktor Orbán, but it is unsatisfactory for the strongman of Budapest, in a context which sees, he said, “the neighbors rearming themselves.” Viktor Orbán said in an interview given to the Catholic radio Katolikus Rádió he will almost double the size of the Hungarian Army from 2017. The Magyar Honvédség, the Hungarian army, has in its ranks 30,000 soldiers, of which 23,000 are active military and which has approximately 4-5,000 operational troops. Orbán wants to recruit 20,000 reservists.

Hungary is a member of NATO and is theoretically obliged to spend 2% of its annual GDP on defense. So far, the defense budget in Hungary stagnated just below 1%. The government of Viktor Orbán plans to launch a gradual growth until 2022 regarding the budget allocated to the army by increasing it of 0.1% of GDP each year. This recruitment campaign echoes the recent police recruitment campaign in order to protect the southern border from the migration wave.


Viktor Orbán wants to use the army as a tool of counter-culture

Beyond this strengthening of the Hungarian Army, Viktor Orbán also wants the army to be present in schools, especially in the area of sport. The Minister of Defense stated that the project is to strengthen the “patriotic commitment and spirit of sacrifice” among youngsters. This will be realized also by “proposing more and more to young people, in the light of the national interest, to be volunteering in the reserve,” added the Minister. A new sport institution of the army will be created for the purpose, aiming to reach schoolchildren from the age of 7. This plan seems to be part of his plan for a “cultural counter-revolution”.

The Defense Minister has since January already mentioned some parts of these projects. He has talked about the government’s commitment to strengthen the “military school program”, so that children would learn in school the basic military knowledge. The Minister explained that this is in order to introduce a kind of counter-culture to give the children a morality and a way of thinking based on patriotism. According to Mr Simicskó, Defense Minister since November 2015, sporty and patriotic life style are out of fashion because “young people are at their computer, so the social and sens of civic responsibility are minimal”.

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  1. Good idea to give some “patriotic commitment and spirit of sacrifice” to the young people. This is neccessary for life and prosperity in all countries.
    Sports and nature should be an important part of patriotic people. Only they can guarantee a free and independant nation.

    1. i laugh at you foreigners… do you believe in everything you hear/read?? Orban steals the money from Hungarians how can he double the army?? pathetic

        1. Even if he (or his establishment) would take the 10% (what I am not stating he does) it is worthwhile to pay that theoretical tax since he drives the country to the good direction, unlike his predecessors from the socialist party. I seriously doubt that anybody else would be able to do better this job in his place. The forthcoming generations will name streets after him and will put statues for his memory to remember, I guarantee you.

  2. Almost all successful countries in the military and economic sphere promote natural patriotism. The exceptions are some Western EU countries which act not as countries should, but as doormats and whorehouses, where their women are raped and the men weak. Some of these countries have good economies, but that is because of several things, such as longer access to international markets, slave labor in foreign countries, and a history of financial capital. Hungary and a lot of countries had their financial markets slammed shut because of Communism and were in a very sad situation when Communism finally fell. The west thinks their superior because they have larger economies, almost all of them, living wages don’t match expenses, and expenses can be double what they are in other places so it’s an artificial measure of success.

    In terms of military training. Small countries perform best when they have a strong military. Look at Israel. Talk about a country holding greater weight than it’s size. Israel is a nuclear world power, has one of the best armies in the world, and because of that, the knowledge and investment it places in it’s own military is than sold to other countries and to the private sector. Israel’s military investment does not only strengthen it’s geopolitical position, but also it’s economy and the science and schools. The investment in military trickles down into scientist, software engineers, designers, hospitals, etc.

  3. Hungary has a very long way to go when it comes to national defense. First, let’s talk manpower. The current authorized strength of 29,700 men is inadequate to deter aggression or defeat an aggressor. It is smaller than the NYPD. To make things even worst, the actual manpower is currently about 5,500 below authorized manpower. There are no real reserves. The military is top heavy with too many old, out of shape men. Furthermore, the percentage of females in active service (17.6%) is one of the highest in the World. There are no modern tanks. The Country currently has about 15-30 old T-72’s in active service with another 50 in storage. They need to have several hundred modern tanks. They do have over 1,300 armored fighting vehicles but most of them are over 30 years old and are reaching the end of their lives. There are no attack helicopters or self propelled artillery. The air force only has 11 modern combat planes. The force is overextended by “peace keeping” assignments and border protection against illegal migrants. This military is rated about 20 out of 26 in Europe and would not last more than 24-72 hours in a 21st Century war. Hungary needs to increase military spending and manpower as well as acquiring more modern weapons and equipment before it’s too late.

  4. Hungary needs massive investment and recruitment for it’s military. I think what the country should do is reinstate a partial volunteer and draft regime. There should be no less than 100,000 to 200,000 reserves.

    At this point the Hungarian military is a joke. We can deride Communism, but one thing the Communist did best was defense. Look at the Hungarian military parades from the early 1980s. That was a military that could defend itself from any aggressor, even much larger countries. If Hungary even devoted 30% towards defense compared to what it did in the 1980s, Hungary would be a much more potent ally and military power.

    Hungary had 7 million people during Horthy, but 400,000 soldiers. Most weren’t even professional or active year round, except during WW2. The communist had an army of 250,000. Hungary today has just 30,000, of which only a few thousands are even fit to serve. A lot of soldiers are out of shape, droopy, and look like a crew of street sweepers.

    Pride needs to be restore, encouraging families to have more children, etc. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but it’s not impossible. There just needs to be the will and societal change.

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