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“Jesus Christ, King and Lord of Poland”

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By Olivier Bault.

Poland, Warsaw – “Immortal King of the ages, Lord Jesus Christ, our God and Savior! In this jubilee year of the 1050th anniversary of the baptism of Poland, in this extraordinary jubilee of Mercy, we Poles stand in front of You, with our spiritual and secular authorities, to acknowledge Your reign, submit to Your law, consecrate our country and all our people.” It was with these words that the Hosting Act of Jesus Christ as King and Lord began as read during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after a mass at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy of Cracow-Lagiewniki, on Saturday the 19th, which attracted nearly one hundred thousand faithful, in the presence of President Andrzej Duda and two ministers of the government of Beata Szydlo. This same act was read Sunday in all the churches of Poland and it is all Catholic Poland that renewed its oath this weekend for the 1050th anniversary of her baptism.


“Our role is not to declare Christ the King, but to recognize His reign and submit to His Law, entrust our homeland and all our people, ourselves and our families,” said Bishop Andrzej Czaja during the homily on Saturday. “We want this to be a significant step towards restoring Jesus’ place in our private, professional and social life,” the bishops wrote in their pastoral letter. This act, which was unofficially known as an enthronement, was originally a grassroots move, referring to the apparitions of the Lord’s servant Rozalia Celakowna (1901-1944), which was being beatified. In these apparitions, Jesus said to the mystic: “Poland can be saved if she recognizes me as her King and Lord as a whole, through enthronement, not only in different parts of the country but throughout the state with the government at her head “. In his notes, Rozalia Celakowna also wrote: “Only the states where Christ will reign will survive. If you want to save the world, you must do the Intronization of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in all the states and nations of the world. “


On the day before in Krakow, there was the third Christian Social Congress, attended by Bernard Antony, president of AGRIF, who spoke of two centuries of resistance in France. The MEP Marek Jurek spoke of the Intronization of the following day as fulfillment of the wishes of the nation.

Another vow of the Polish nation was accomplished on 11 November with the inauguration mass of the Temple of Divine Providence, an imposing church located in the Warsaw district of Wilanow. Originally planned by the ending-eighteenth-century Polish Diet in thanks for the adoption of the Constitution of the 3rd of May, 1791, the construction was interrupted by the third partition of Poland in 1795. Planned again after independence in 1918, the construction had this time stalled on the Second World War followed by the communist period under Soviet occupation. It was only with the independence once again found in 1989 that the project was revived by the primate of Poland and this time carried out.

Written by Olivier Bault and published in Présent.
Translated from French by the Visegrád Post.