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George Soros’ son behind Mark Rutte’s anti-Hungarian tirade

The Magyar Nemzet is the main daily outlet of Hungary. Founded in 1938, the Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) is a reference journal for the conservatives of Hungary. The conservative newspaper is close to the current Hungarian government lead by Viktor Orbán.

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This article has been published online by the Magyar Nemzet on July 1, 2021.

For weeks now Hungary has been under attack over the anti-pedophile legislation passed to protect children. The Dutch Prime Minister made an unprecedented and outrageous statement, saying that Hungary should be forced to its knees. Most likely, the Soros Empire and its associated pseudo-civilian organizations are pulling the strings in the background – writes Hungarian news website Origo.

The Hungarian Parliament passed the anti-pedophile package on June 15. Under the new laws, a pedophile registry searchable by name will be established, pedophiles will be banned from certain workplaces, pedophilia will be more severely punished, they will not be able to get away with mild punishments or conditional release, and the most grave pedophilia crimes will not expire and their statute of limitations will be extended.

The anti-pedophile package was immediately attacked by the entire European gender lobby; in recent weeks a series of provocative of attacks were launched on several channels against Hungary and Hungarians.

In Germany, prior to the Hungarian-German national teams’ match, they wanted to illuminate the Allianz Arena in rainbow colors while rainbow flags were handed out to fans. During the Hungarian anthem, not only did people whistle while it was played, but an activist was able to run out onto the pitch with a rainbow flag. The police meanwhile were attempting to provoke Hungarian fans in any way possible, trying to make them feel uncomfortable, and would not let the Hungarian consulates anywhere near the stadium.

The attacks started even before the passing of the pedophile law, when it turned out that the Hungarian team would not be kneeling for the Hungarian anthem during the European Football Championship games – just as many other Central and Eastern European nations did not either. Firstly, this is because the Hungarian government does not believe in mixing sporting events with politics; secondly, Hungary never held slaves, was never a colonizer thus the demonstration is incomprehensible and far less relevant to our country.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s recent statement, that Hungary should be brought “to its knees”, was unprecedented and outrageous. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded on his social media page to Rutte and emphasized that a “Hungarian only kneels before God, before his country, and if he is proposing to his love.”

Rutte however is not acting entirely of his own accord, nor is he acting alone. The pseudo-civilian organizations, funded by the pro-migration speculator George Soros, have already taken an active part in the smear campaign against Hungary, which the Hungarian left is readily supporting. Soros’ pseudo-civil organizations have falsely labeled the child-protection law homophobic despite the fact that it is not directed against homosexuals at all, nor does it apply to those over the age of 18 – wrote Origo.

It is worth noting however that Mark Rutte, who is currently riled up over the anti-pedophilia law, is the same politician who previously wanted to legalize pedophilia and zoophilia; in other words, he believes sexual intercourse with animals and children is acceptable.

It would seem though that he does indeed have a problem with the Hungarian government’s efforts to put the rights to sexual education of children in the hands of their parents and to protect the rights of minors.

Mark Rutte has close connections to the Soros-empire. In the past year he frequently appeared with George Soros’ son.

Attacks on the anti-pedophile and child protection law and the LGBTQ propaganda are just as personal for Alex Soros as George Soros’ pro-migration efforts.

The Soros organizations are coordinating attacks on the anti-pedophile law

The smear campaign against Hungary was not initiated by the Dutch Prime Minister. Gerald Knaus, one of Soros’ closest and long-standing men, is one of the leaders of this tirade. Knaus reactivated himself when he emerged in a Tweet criticizing the UEFA for not allowing the Munich arena to be illuminated in rainbow colors for political reasons ahead of the Hungarian-German match.

Amnesty International also headed attacks against Hungary. For instance, on July 18, they put out billboards on the Hungarian-Slovakian border that wrote “LGBTQ Freedom Zone” crossed out in English, Russian and Hungarian. (All this of course while Slovakia does not recognize same-sex registered partnerships, but Hungary does.)

Another Soros organization has also come to the forefront recently. On the Civil Liberties Union for Europe homepage, Israel Butler and Valentin Toth published an article in the “Training and Coaching” section.

Here they gave journalists instructions on what phrases to use when talking about the Hungarian law. Based on this, left-wing journalists should not call the law by its name: anti-pedophile law.

The organization’s website is full of incitement against the Hungarian anti-pedophile law; several pieces deal with the topic. Their Hungarian member organization, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), also plays a role in the propaganda. The Human Rights Watch is also worth noting as it has launched an international fake news campaign along with the Helsinki Committee which has been spreading fake news about the law since the very beginning.

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