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A new look for the Visegrád Post!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Visegrád Post, despite having limited resources, has managed to establish itself as the main site, from a conservative point of view, for information and analysis of Central Europe. Available in English, French and German, the site now has now been rebranded and relooked.

With only a few days to go before our fourth anniversary, we are pleased to present our revamped web-site, which we hope is not only better looking but also more reader and user-friendly.

Thanks to our readers’ feedback, we have managed to produce a web-site that better meets their needs. Not only does the web-site now work better on mobile devices, it also includes links to other articles and releases from your favourite writers, which can now be found with just a click of a button.

Simultaneously, whilst our limited resources have not allowed us to complete the recruitment process to a level we would like, we have enlarged our team of writers and translators.

It is important to stress that all these endeavours have been made possible by your continued support. Since we have neither a rich owner nor any revenue generated by a subscription system or advertising, it is your donations that keep us afloat. If you enjoy our work of covering Central European news from a conservative and Christian point of view and want to see it continue, please don’t hesitate to support us.

Hoping that you enjoy our new look web-site and logo will serve as a source of inspiration to our readers!

The Visegrád Post Team