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    Ferenc Almássy
    Ferenc Almássy is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Visegrád Post. He is an independent Franco-Hungarian journalist specialised in Central Europe, France and migration related issues. He is also the Central European correspondent for TV Libertés and a occasional writer for the Hungarian weekly paper “Magyar Demokrata” and the daily "Magyar Nemzet".

    Olivier Bault
    Olivier Bault is a Frenchman that has been living in Poland since the early 1990s and he is the Visegrád Post's correspondent in Warsaw. An independent journalist that follows Polish and European current affairs, he also writes for the Polish weekly “Do Rzeczy” and is the managing editor of Do Rzeczy's website in English,

    Yann Caspar
    Graduate in Law and Economics, Yann Caspar is specialised in Post-Soviet countries' politics and economics. French and Hungarian, he has also published many literary columns.

    Nicolas de Lamberterie
    Nicolas de Lamberterie is a former student of the Strasbourg Political Studies Institute and a History graduate. He is a journalist for TV Libertés and Central Europe correspondent for other media mediums. He has covered numerous stories and articles covering Hungarian or Central European politics, notably the Balkan route taken by migrants during the 2015 Migrant Crisis.

    David Engels
    David Engels is a Belgian historian that works at the Zachodni Institute in Poznan (Poland). Specialised in ancient history, notably the Roman and Seleucidan civilizations, he is also a thinker of the European conservatism and, for more than a decade, has debated questions around the subject of identity mainly in French and German-speaking media. In 2013, he was the author of “Le Déclin”, where he methodically compares the European Union with the declining Roman republic. In 2019, he published “Renovatio Europae” and “Que faire?”, two publications that talk about the future of Europe with the former discussing the reform of its institutions, and the latter directed at individuals.

    Sébastien Meuwissen
    Sébastien Meuwissen is a Belgian-Polish journalist and graduate of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Mass Communications (IHECS) in Brussels and of Louvain’s Catholic University. He is the Warsaw's correspondent of the British-Polish media "British Poles" as well as for the Hungarian pure player “Stand for Christians (S4C)”.

    Thibaud Gibelin
    Thibaud Gibelin is visiting professor at Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC). A graduate in history and political science, he specialized in relations between Hungary and the European Union. In 2020 he published "Why Viktor Orbán Plays and Wins", Editions Fauves, translated into Hungarian in 2022 under the title "Orbán Viktor győzelemre játszik". He has also worked with the Iliade Institute.

    Alimuddin Usmani
    A Swiss independent journalist with a Czech-Pakistani background, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva. He is also the author of “Du Tribalisme à l’Universel”, an interview-book with Gilad Atzmon, as well as “La Grande Invasion”, which discusses the issues of migration.

    Bill Ravotti
    Bill Ravotti is the founder and editor of the V4 Report, an independent site that provides political insights and opinions on the current events of the Visegrad states, the Central-eastern European region and the EU. Bill is a CFP® residing in the United States who spends the summer months living in the Czech Republic with his wife (a Czech native). He was also the Republican nominee for US Congress in both 1996 and 1998, and the Pennsylvania campaign manager for Patrick J. Buchanan’s presidential campaign.