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Judit Varga: An important step forward in lawful cooperation with large tech companies

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By the International Communications Office of the Hungarian government.

The Minister of Justice reported on an “important step in the right direction” for lawful and ordered cooperation with large tech companies on her Facebook page on Friday.

In the post, Judit Varga explained that Facebook has paid 3.8 billion forints (EUR 10.6 million) in advertising tax into the Hungarian treasury, and by doing so has fulfilled its obligations with relation to the payment of taxes, similarly to all other enterprises operating in Hungary.

“Many claimed that tech companies would not conform to the Hungarian regulations, but from now on we can rightly assume that tech companies are also committed to operating lawfully”, she stated.

According to the Minister’s social media post, the Ministry of Justice would like to achieve the transparent, verifiable and lawful functioning of large tech companies. “Nothing other than what also applies to all companies, large and small enterprises, in Hungary”, she wrote. “The Ministry of Justice is continuing to take part in the preparation of European Union regulations with a similar goal”, she added.