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Hungary launched relief work to help orphanage in Congo, more than three hundred schools joined the initiative (Stand For Christians) is an English-language news portal linked to the Christian conservative pure player, and receives partial support from the Hungarian government. S4C specializes in the defense of Christians throughout the world, and works to keep the public informed about persecution suffered by Christians while also promoting positive efforts by groups and governments to aid them.

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The “All brothers and sisters for Africa” relief program started with an opening ceremony on the 8th of February, in the Patrona Hungariae high school. The initiative is supported by János Székely, the Bishop of the diocese of Szombathely, and its first mission is to raise money to help to maintain an orphanage in Congo. Already more than three hundred Hungarian schools have joined the program.

Many children have lost their parents in the second war of Congo, also called the “World War of Africa”. In 2000, the Agnus Dei Catholic community embraced these orphans and gave them a home and access to education. They housed six hundred orphans with families and started to take care of a hundred children in the orphanage of Mbunda. In the orphanage, they also opened a school, where they teach the children living in the orphanage, and the neighbourhood.

The “All brothers and sisters for Africa” aid program of Hungary, aims to support the maintenance of this orphanage, by placing money boxes in the schools that joined the initiative.

The students of these schools participated in the opening ceremony online, where János Székely, the supporter of the program reminded them that the orphans “are children like you, who want to live a whole life”. He added that we are living in a selfish culture, and we do not care about the others, we do not hear the cry of the poor. But we have to be aware of that every five minutes, a child dies of hunger, and seventeen per cent of the people of the world do not have access to clean water.

The bishop asked for the support of the Hungarian students: “We are not rich, and we do not control the world’s events, but we can make for a better world”.

State Secretary Tristan Azbej called the attention to the fact that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world: there are one hundred and forty million Christians persecuted for their faith; every day thirteen people are martyred, just because they have a Bible or go to the church. 

The State Secretary also said that the Hungary Helps Program would help the initiative with financial support, and in getting the donations to the orphanage.

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