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Former leftist pursues the fight against Islam

The Magyar Nemzet is the main daily outlet of Hungary. Founded in 1938, the Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) is a reference journal for the conservatives of Hungary. The conservative newspaper is close to the current Hungarian government lead by Viktor Orbán.

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This article has been published online by the Magyar Nemzet on April 10, 2021.

Pierre Cassen: The left will destroy France.

The voices of Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orbán, and of course, the Polish, Czech, and Slovenian leaders raising opposition against the European Union’s immigration dictate gives France hope too – said activist Pierre Cassen in his phone interview with Magyar Nemzet. He is the founder of the French Riposte laïque (Secular Response) news portal whose book, Et la Gauche devint la putain de l’Islam (How the left became Islam’s whore), was recently published in Hungarian as well. The former left-wing typographical union activist turned against his comrades in the 2000s because of the Islamic terror, who now accuse him of Islamic hatred. We discussed this and more with Cassen.

– How and why did the French left, as you write in your book, become “Islam’s whore”?
– I come from the left myself. We French are very proud of our secular traditions such as the 1789 revolution and the 1905 law separating church and state. For me, the left embodied these values, rooted in progress among other things, and advocating for the most vulnerable, those living on wages and salaries, and workers. The left also supported women’s equality despite male hegemony. However, about a decade and a half ago I was confronted by the growing masses of predominantly Muslim Africans in France, exposing the entire country to an accelerated Islamic invasion. In turn, this entirely changes the composition of the French electorate. The left sided with this for two reasons. First, they wanted to exploit the potential in this group of voters – after all, 15 percent of national election voters are Muslim while this percentage reaches 30 or 40 in local elections. To do this, they had to give way to Islam and the communal demands of Muslims. The second reason is cultural and lies in the left’s hatred of Catholicism. Catholicism is a part of French history, and part of the left wants to destroy this France in the name of globalization. On top of all this we must add their antiracist politics. The Islamists convinced many that standing out against Islam is racism. The left though, does not want to appear racist so instead they completely gave in to the demands of Islam, sacrificing our secular system.

– In your book you mention 11 million French Muslims and that your former colleagues accuse you of Islamic hatred. Do you see a difference between Islam and Islamism?
– I don’t see a difference. I really like Ferhat Mehenni’s (Algerian Kabyle artist and activist) wording: Islam is Islamism at rest, and Islamism is Islam in motion. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also clearly stated that there is no Islam and Islamism, only Islam. I think Islamophobia is an opinion – a confrontation with Islam, which is not only a faith but also a law and ideology whose sole purpose is conquest – because it can only exist through conquest and the denial of all other cultures. The fact that I am being accused of hating Islam is nothing more than the Muslim strategy, proclaimed hand-in-hand with the left: criticism of Islam is racism. Yet we do have a right to be Islamophobic in the sense that we can voice our opinions on this religion just as we can raise our opinions concerning other religions, or say, capitalism. We have the right to stand out against a doctrine that bothers us; I think this is not at all a sin nor shameful. The Hungarians also had the right to stand out against communism, for which you also paid the price.

– At one point you write, referencing the Hungarian Prime Minister and the right-wing leader: you are the Orbáns and the Salvinis. What does this mean?
– We cannot see who is forcing Islam on us if we are not aware that they are the same people who want to destroy our civilization. The same people who want to force a global dictatorship on us, destroying our nation-state, our civilization, our way of life, our history. While we are facing serious social problems – unemployment is through the roof – enormous rates of immigration are forced upon us. Around 4-500 thousand newcomers arrive in France every year; our country’s immigrant population increases every two years by the population of Marseille, our second largest city. In the XX. century France was an immigrant country as well; however, mainly European Catholics – Italians, Hungarians, Poles, Spanish, Portuguese – came who worked and managed to assimilate well. Those who come now do not want to assimilate; they live in polygamy and bring additional relatives into the country through family reunification. Crime is rising with their arrival; assassinations are being carried out. And we do not expel illegal immigrants, we just put up with the population change. Politicians like the former US President Donald Trump, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Viktor Orbán in Hungary, and of course the Polish, Czech and Slovenian leadership have confronted all of this. Those who raise their voices against the dictates of the European Union give us hope in France too.

– You wrote that Emmanuel Macron is an even worse president than François Hollande – which is quite a statement. Why?
– Macron is following the same ideological stream, but he went even further; thus his presidency just sped up the destruction of France. I couldn’t have imagined that one day France would have a president who would renounce our country to such an extent.

– What do you expect from next year’s French presidential elections? Will you support Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-migration National Rally?
– We support patriots. On occasion, Le Pen makes statements we find controversial such as: Islam is compatible with our Republic. We will see who brings the patriot camp together best. I can picture writer Éric Zemmour running for example. If in the end Le Pen faces off with Macron though, we will of course back Le Pen.

László Szőcs

Identity is more important than anything. “What is the point of a 35-hour work week, retiring at 60, when we live in a place where French is no longer spoken, where we can only see veiled women and men dressed in Arabic clothes…. Where you can no longer buy alcohol or pork, just fruit juices and halal meat? There is no point in a social life without the French way of life. The struggle for identity is more important than anything – something leftist leaders can’t seem to understand, and sadly, not many on the right either. In reality, left-wing leaders divide our people and prevent French unity. They allow foreigners to settle here… The betrayal of our homeland and values is on the left’s conscience.”

Pierre Cassen: Et la Gauche devint la putain de l’Islam (How the left became Islam’s whore)