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Hungary stands alone again to block EU’s Africa-Pacific Trade and Development Deal

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In the agreement, the EU was once again using the bait of ‘future returns’ – before proving that the bloc can actually deport first – while trying to establish legal pathways for increased migration from Africa to Europe.

How many times has one seen this charade? In Morocco we trust?

According to US News and World Report, Budapest’s refusal to ratify the accord with 79 countries, which was agreed by EU negotiators in December, would imperil years of talks to update the two-decade-old Cotonou development treaty with new provisions on areas including climate protection, human rights and migration.

Thankfully, at least one state does not engage in EU groupthink.

“All of our proposals have been swept off the table, so we will surely not give our names to this agreement,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. “There is no need for fresh migration waves, especially now”.

Where were the other so-called independent governments that campaign against mass migration at election time, but fail to act when it matters? Many of these same ‘anti-migration’ leaders also failed to support Matteo Salvini in 2019 when he came under attack by the EU establishment for closing the ports.

One must do more than talk.

This was a courageous veto by Hungary because the agreement included legal migration for African, Caribbean and Pacific citizens to the EU through visas and family reunification.

Of course, it is quite insane that the EU wants to open up legal routes when the bloc cannot even defend its own borders or deport outside of Europe in any meaningful way.

Has Brussels recognized that Europe is being flooded with illegal migrants? Is this the EU Commission’s way of reducing illegal migration…by simply turning it into legal migration with no guarantees?

Moreover, it’s just not illegal migration that must be addressed. Is debate about the cultural impact of legal migration from these countries forbidden? Is one to just ignore the cultural impact from decades of mass migration from alien cultures (much of it legal) on France and others in Western Europe? How are those multicultural societies working out for Paris, London, Stockholm, Brussels, etc.?

This is the typical rhetoric lacking any substance from the EU, which wants to hand out blank checks before these foreign nations prove that they will take back their citizens. So far, they have not in any meaningful way and there are no signs that this will change. None!

The EU wants to put on a show to try to deceive Europeans that things will be different this time; but this, as usual, has no teeth. It’s just EU theatre designed to keep anti-migration forces from gaining traction.

If the EU was serious about returns (and they are not given the miserable track record over the last six years), Brussels would freeze all CURRENT aid until these foreign leaders prove that they will actually take back their citizens swiftly and without excuses. For this, a substantial down payment of returns (hundreds of thousands) will first have to actually happen.

Hungary will not be fooled, nor will they sacrifice their principals for the empty words of EU solidarity.

The EU thinks it can solve every problem by handing out euros, hoping for ‘good will’ from Erdogan and others. This has proven highly naive, as the bloc continues to be abused by the smugglers, unscrupulous foreign leaders and the illegal migrants themselves.

Hungary and others must also reject the EU Migration Pact designed by Ylva Johansson from Sweden. Relocations and human corridor schemes must be off the table until Europe first proves that it can deport in large numbers and that the borders are sealed.

The EU bait and switch game, entry and relocations now with promises of future returns that never materialize later, has gone on for far too long. The EU is being overwhelmed into submission.

Bravo to Hungary for recognizing this EU trap and that culture matters in this migration debate…and shame to the rest of the EU sheep.