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Vaccines: Harsh criticism from Slovakia’s ex-Prime Minister

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Slovakia – Following appeals made by Zuzana Čaputová, Slovakian President, and Vladimír Lengvarský, Slovakian health minister, to the three former prime ministers of their country, the leader of Smer DF (populist social-democrats) Robert Fico, head of the government from 2012 to 2018, reaffirmed that he had absolutely no intention to get vaccinated during a press conference on 14 June.

“I can give 1,500 reasons why I won’t get myself injected with an experimental American vaccine.”

Asked by a journalist if had already been vaccinated, Robert Fico answered: “Tell me why I should get vaccinated? Did I say that I was going to get myself vaccinated?… Let me tell you once more that for me, it is a personal matter whether to vaccinate oneself or not… Each person needs to take a decision based upon the information available but, unfortunately, not all information has been made available.

Do I have to remind you that a close acquaintance of my family died quite soon after been vaccinated? And I can tell you about other similar cases. Go visit the neurology departments and ask them how many brain deaths or strokes they are dealing with…

I am not trying to frighten anyone… I can give 1,500 reasons why I won’t get myself injected with an experimental American vaccine or any other for that matter be it Russian, Finnish, Swedish or whoever. I don’t see the reason why I should. Indeed, I think that in a year, we’ll be saying to those that did get vaccinated: “Sorry but there’s nothing more you can do but get vaccinated every year.”

By the end of the year, we’ll know how much money Pfizer, Moderna, etc. made with this product… I will not take an active part in contributing to their profits. I will simply not get vaccinated.

… For those that wish to do so, they can get vaccinated. I ever never flinched on that issue. I have no interest in getting vaccinated myself.

“I am adamantly against vaccinating 12-year-old children”

With the journalist continuing to persistence his line of questioning, Robert Fico continued with response: “In Slovakia, 12,000 people needlessly died. For those 12,000 people, the Slovakian government is guilty for it did absolutely nothing. It took no measures whatsoever. By forcing mass testing upon the people using inaccurate testing methods… that’s why it was highly criticised in January. We have all the data…

I cannot understand why I should be advertising for vaccinations… I should change my mind simply because the pharmaceutical industry or Ms. Čaputová or I know not who else wants me to do so? Let it be known that I am a person that thinks for himself. I know how to read, to write and I know how to use the internet and compare data. My opinion is quite simple: I don’t want to get vaccinated.

Even if it was a crime to have a different opinion to the pharmaceutical companies, I would not become, like Ms. Čaputová, an advertising agent of that industry. I will simply not do it. I will not stand before posters and pretend that vaccination is something good… No-one can say that vaccination is sound. Everyone says that vaccination results in more freedom but for me, it is far more important to know if it is sound. I get the impression that no-one seems to care about that. I only hope that Mr. Lengvarský will be smart enough to not allow different vaccines to be combined…”

I am adamantly against vaccinating 12-year-old children. What is this nonsense? Are they guinea-pigs? Are we going to let our children, who recover from COVID without any issues, be injected with experimental products? And only to give them another shot at 15… and then another at 17… and one more at 19?

By the end of the year, Pfizer will be overjoyed with their profits. That’s my opinion. If my opinion should be harm to me, then I’ll take full responsibility… But I will still continue to have that opinion… I have my opinion and I have no reason to change it just because someone wishes that Fico would say something different. It’s my opinion. I will not get vaccinated.”