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Babiš and Orbán: we want higher birth rates, not immigration

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Hungary – The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who attended the Demographic Summit in the Hungarian capital on 23 September, spoke out in favour of policies favouring higher birth rates and against the recourse to immigration as in Western Europe.

From left to right: Andrej Babiš, Janez Janša, Viktor Orbán, Aleksandar Vučić, Milorad Dodik. Photo: Visegrád Post / Ferenc Almássy

Increase the birth rate of the indigenous population

Massive and uncontrolled immigration into Europe does not foster in any way the sustainability of our European society; quite the contrary. The only truly sustainable solution to Europe’s extinction is to increase the birth rate of the indigenous population, which is a path shared by all V4 countries”, he said.

Viktor Orbán at the 4th Demography Summit in Budapest on 23 September. Photo: Visegrád Post / Ferenc Almássy

A Europe where men and women form families

This idea was supported by the other Central European leaders present at the summit, including the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who reaffirmed his desire to “support a Europe where a man and a woman form a family”. “Liberal and conservative policies are also at odds – and have even engaged in a fight to the death – over the issue of migration.

According to crazy liberals, there is no reason to fear mass immigration, or even a flood of immigration; and there is no reason to fear it even if the national and religious traditions of the uninvited [migrants] are radically different from ours, or even opposed to ours.

We are told that terrorism, crime, anti-Semitism, and the emergence of parallel societies are only temporary irregularities, or perhaps the birth pangs of a bright new world about to be born.

But the Christian democratic, conservative camp rejects such an unpredictable experiment on societies and individuals, because [we believe] that the risks of chronic intercultural tensions and violence are unacceptably high.

The Hungarian head of government also described as “stupid” and “unnatural” the idea propagated by some environmentalists of having “fewer children to save the climate”.

Éric Zemmour speaking at the 4th Demography Summit in Budapest on 24 September, 2021. Photo: Visegrád Post / Ferenc Almássy

A summit on demographics that discusses abortion and the place of Christianity in society, not Covid or degrowth

Bringing together many conservatives, the 4th Demographic Summit was very rich in content. Several topics which are taboo in Western mainstream discourse were addressed by the speakers, including by members of the civil society and religious leaders. The issue of abortion, the Christian definition of the family as the foundation of our societies, the importance of the state’s role in supporting families for generation replacement, and the strategy of mass immigration being used in Western countries for population growth were all subjects that were discussed at length during the summit. However, despite its rich content and the speakers’ diversity, two topics were mostly forgotten during the discussions: the short-, medium-, and long-term consequences on birth rates of the Covid pandemic restrictions, and the degrowth approach to demography.