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Mi Hazánk demonstrates against “Covid dictatorship” in Hungary

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Hungary – While in neighbouring Austria the protest movement remains strong against government plans for compulsory Covid vaccination, last Sunday the Hungarian nationalist opposition movement Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) gathered protesters in Budapest against health restrictions and the vaccination pass which is to be introduced in mid-February.

Several thousand demonstrators in Budapest 

Several thousand people gathered in the streets of the Hungarian capital on Sunday to protest the public health restrictions, including the possibility for employers to require their employees to be vaccinated as a prerequisite for employment, which is a way of introducing compulsory vaccination, a situation which protesters call a “Covid dictatorship”.

“The only unvaccinated candidate for Prime Minister”

If we continue to occupy the streets, if we continue to put constant political pressure on the government, then we have a chance that this Covid dictatorship will not get worse”,

said Toroczkai, who presents himself as “the only unvaccinated candidate for prime minister”.

Demonstrators held signs and banners before him with slogans such as: “Vaccines should not be mandatory!”, “We do not accept blackmail”, “I am not vaccinated, I am not a criminal”, “Enough of the Covid dictatorship”, etc.