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Mixed reactions from the Slovak political class to Fidesz’s victory

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Slovakia/Hungary – During the Hungarian election campaign, the Slovak government did not hide its preference for the united opposition led by Péter Márki-Zay. After the election, Prime Minister Eduard Heger merely congratulated his Hungarian counterpart via text message, while President Zuzana Čaputova did not react officially. On Monday, 4 April, Félvidék, a Hungarian news website in Slovakia, compiled a list of reactions in Slovakia to Fidesz’s fourth consecutive victory.

Former prime ministers Fico and Pellegrini welcome Fidesz victory

On the opposition’s side, the two former social democratic prime ministers, Robert Fico and Peter Pellegrini, who are now political enemies, expressed their satisfaction at Viktor Orbán’s victory. Fico spoke highly of the fact that “Orbán did not allow Hungary to become involved in the war in Ukraine”, and he said:

I congratulate Hungary on the election results, which do not surprise me at all. Despite the fact that we are on opposite sides in terms of fundamental values, we jointly guaranteed the stability of the Slovak-Hungarian relationship under the rule of the [social democratic party] Smer

Peter Pelligrini was also very positive about the results:

In difficult times, every nation needs a strong leader. I look forward to continued effective and mutually respectful cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Hungary during the next term, which will bring beneficial results to both nations.

Slovak Christian Democrats are concerned about Mi Hazánk’s breakthrough

The small Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), a member of the EPP but with no representation in the National Council (Slovakia’s unicameral parliament), expressed the hope that Orbán would make an effort to keep Hungary on the side of the free world, and was concerned about Mi Hazánk’s breakthrough:

We have noted with concern that the far-right movement Mi Hazánk has also entered the parliament. We are convinced that such tendencies toward radicalization are not the answer to today’s burning issues.

Positive reactions from the party representing the Hungarian minority

The Szövetség (Alliance) party, representing the large Hungarian minority in southern Slovakia, considered for its part that

this victory will ensure the continuation of family-oriented government policies, the preservation of national and conservative values in Central Europe, and continued support for Hungarians on the other sides of the borders .