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Covid now on par with flu in Czechia

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Czechia – The collective hysteria caused by the Covid pandemic during the years 2020–2022 may not yet be entirely consigned to history. This is especially the case given that some countries still have large stocks of vaccines, which were purchased at great expense and that may be about to expire, while demand has dramatically collapsed.

“Everyone should be vaccinated against the coronavirus and influenza”

The Czech Minister for Health, Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09, centre-right), reiterated on Monday, September 11 that he still recommends that “everyone” be vaccinated against Covid and influenza. He stressed, however, that this applies above all to those at higher risk, such as the elderly and in particular the very old, as well as those with chronic illnesses or weakened immune systems:

The situation is stable, but surveillance is necessary because the coronavirus is still present and people are still dying from it. I encourage everyone to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and influenza.

[…] We are seeing a certain increase in infections, but no significant increase in the number of hospitalizations due to Covid.

Covid now considered on the same level as the flu

According to Roman Chlíbek, President of the Czech Society for Vaccinology, “Regardless of the number of previous doses one has received, it is advisable to get vaccinated with a dose of the modified and adapted vaccine, which is effective against the new strains. […]

We believe that Covid is becoming a seasonal respiratory infection.

Vaccination is likely to remain a seasonal issue for years to come.