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Orbán’s Schengen 2.0 proposition

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Hungary, Budapest – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presentend his package “Schengen 2.0” in response to the EU proposals about migrant crisis, on the 15 of April at a meeting of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI) in Lisbon.

Schengen 2.0

1- External borders should be protected

2- Identification process should be systematic at the EU borders

3- The Common European Asylum System including should be corrected

4- Closed and secured reception points should be established outside the EU

5- There should be agreements with the migrants’ countries of origin

6- Illegal migrants should be returned to the safe countries of origin or transit.

7- The evolution of the EU policies should be conditional on the cooperation of third countries

8- Frontline Member Countries’ as well as Western Balkan countries’ efforts to support the EU’s migration policy should be assisted by the necessary financial and other needs.

9- A common European list of safe third countries should be set up. That list should play a role in establishing hotspots.

10- No compulsory and automatic distribution mechanism should be introduced.

“It is not acceptable – as would be the case under the Commission’s proposal – for someone in Brussels to decide that the countries of the EU must solve their demographic and economic problems through immigration” Orbán said. “We believe that there are countries in the EU which wish to solve their problems in this manner, and there are others which do not”, and he said that Hungary prefers to solve her problems through prudent family and economic policy. “In other words, the EU cannot create a system which it lets in migrants and then prescribes mandatory resettlement quotas for every member state”. Prime Minister explained that a referendum on the European Commission quota system was needed, because “now that we have Brussels’ official proposal on the table, there is enormous pressure on us. […] If we do not stop Brussels with a referendum, they will indeed impose on us […] masses of people, with whom we do not wish to live together”.

The Schengen 2.0 program will be presentend to the V4 members and other EU members over the following weeks, and to Germany in a few days.