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Tomio Okamura: it is clear that Islamic values and western democracy are fundamentally incompatible

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Czechia, Prague – Interview with Tomio Okamura: “It is completely clear that Islamic values and western democracy are fundamentally incompatible,” by Alimuddin Usmani.

This interview was realised for La and published the 24 May, 2016. The author sent us the interview.


Born in Tokyo in 1972 of a Japanese father and a Czech mother, Tomio Okamura is an entrepreneur and a Czech politician who established the party Svoboda a přímá demokracie (Freedom and Direct Democracy). He was elected in October, 2013 to the Chamber of Deputies of Czech Republic. We asked him some questions about the current migratory crisis in Europe.

Alimuddin Usmani: Czech Republic has to receive 88 Syrian asylum seekers from Turkey by the next four months. Isn’t it a reason to ask for a vote of censure against the government?

Tomio Okamura: Our movement, Freedom and Direct Democracy, constantly asks for a vote of censure, however there isn’t enough support in its favour from the parliament.

AU: What do you think about the failure of the resettlement program of Christian refugees from Iraq?

Tomio Okamura: I criticized this proposal from the beginning, because I knew that it was part of a trickery and that it wouldn’t work – and it was proved that I was right. And it cost several million crowns to the state budget, without bringing any positive effect.

The government and the Generace 21 organization lied to the citizens when they asserted that these Iraqis were threatened with death in Iraq and that it’s why it was necessary to help them. It was proved that it was the opposite, it was economic migrants, among whom a significant part is finally brought in, on their own initiative, with their children in Iraq – given that they were not threatened with death. And another part of them immediately left towards Germany, without any gratitude. That is why the ideal model is to make sure that nobody has a good reason to leave their country and not to import the problem into Europe.

AU: You set against Islam in a intensive manner. Don’t you rather think that the problem is immigration? If there was no massive immigration, there would be no problem with Islam in Europe.

Tomio Okamura: Migration is not a consequence of Islam but the opposite is true. Migrations are caused by the interventions of western powers in countries where they do not have their place.  The attempts of introduction of western standards and western models in Muslim countries are also bad and unrealistic as is the idea of a global Caliphate. We condemn both trends, worth knowing the world and imperial aggressive ideology of the USA and their henchmen, but simultaneously we also identify the evil source of the other side which is the politicization of Islam as doctrine which orders to Muslims to conquer the world and to dominate the unfaithful. It is completely clear that Islamic values and western democracy are fundamentally incompatible, and, as far as we wished to live in peace, it is essential that we live each in our country and that we don’t impose on other one paradoxical values. Islam, freedom and democracy do not mix. In Europe there will be either a freedom and a democracy, or an Islam. It’s one or the other. There isn’t a middle way. And me as well as our movement Freedom and Direct Democracy promote freedom and direct democracy.

AU: Don’t you think that your positioning in front of Islam could give arguments to those who advocate non-Muslim immigration in Europe, for example of Nigerians either other countries?

Tomio Okamura: The problem of Muslim migration is that it is a migration of people for whom it is, on principle, impossible to become integrated into western society – I believe that, to a large extent, this is also true for a big part of the Africans. Consequently, the refusal of Islam in Europe does not involve automatically to receive any other incompatible culture. Individuals, worth knowing the people taken in a individual way who migrate to Europe, can bring, under certain very precise and predefined conditions, a mutual enrichment – but it does not apply to Islam partisans, for whom I see no enrichment in the direction of the democracy and in the direction of freedom. And when these individuals are transformed into a mass, this one becomes a mass which threatens native cultures. Even white people represented a threat for numerous cultures which welcomed them at first. All this so that white people are undergoing eradication. The US history is the history of the colonization of a foreign continent, the destruction of the culture of origin and the massacre of the natives. We apply the same judgment to everybody and are conscious of what can commit the man in the name of the faith – he is capable to do the biggest evil in the name of an imaginary property.

AU: Do you think that Japan, with his restrictive politics regarding immigration, is a model for Europe in this matter?

Tomio Okamura: Why only Japan? Why not also the rich Arab countries which do not even allow immigration of their coreligionists from poorer countries? For example, the United Arab Emirates practise a model which allows anybody finding a work in a legal way to work. If however there is no work, the migrant has to go back home. It is correct. He doesn’t remain on social assistance. But contrary to the rich Arab countries which owe their wealth to their raw materials that are exploited and that make money, we, in Europe, owe our standard of living to our work in the most difficult conditions, since two thousand years. No foreigner has the right to take advantage of this wealth without working, in a parasitic way.
Here are some words about Japan – The Japanese position of refusal is based on security, because Japanese people don’t want to accept anybody that wouldn’t respect the country laws, without any regard for the fact that Japanese people also wish to maintain their cultural identity, that is their specific culture and their language. According to Japanese people, an total integration of the migrants isn’t possible, and this is why, when they evoke Europe, they say that she is going into big trouble. In spite of the fact that Japanese people have a weak birth rate, they don’t think that migrants would be beneficial for their economy.

Originally published on La
Interview realized in May 2016 by Alimuddin Usmani.
Translated from French by the Visegrád Post.