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Slovak PM Robert Fico called Russian President Putin to talk about the 2nd half of 2016

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The main topics were economy and… football.

As Slovakia will take the presidency of the EU Council for the next half year, President Putin talked by phone with the Prime Minister Fico on June 14. The two leaders spoke especially about bilateral relations during this upcoming period.

“The telephone conversation of President Putin with Slovakia’s Prime Minister Fico has just ended,” Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told TASS on June 14. “The president and the PM discussed bilateral relations, primarily in the economic sphere.”

Fico also informed Putin about the priorities of Slovakia’s presidency and it was agreed to maintain contacts, TASS reported. The notes that Fico also mentioned the phone call on his Facebook profile, criticising the ignorance of Slovak media, including the public-service ones. He explained that the interview took place as Slovakia wants during her presidency “to influence also the character of relations between the EU and the Russian Federation”.

The Slovakian media reports that the two leaders spoke also about several other mutual projects. “Russian Federation is an important economic partner for Slovakia, especially in the energy sector,” Fico said, underlining that the Slovak government wants to maintain good relations with Russia.

Finally, Fico and Putin talked about football. The day after their discussion took place the EURO 2016 match between their respective countries, with a final result of 2-1 in favor of Slovakia.