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Western Balkan Summit in Paris

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France, Paris – On July 4, Western Balkan countries leaders met in Paris with France, Germany, Italy and Austria representatives. The main topics were the cooperation between the European Union and the Balkan after the Brexit, and the terrorism risk related to the massive migration.

On Monday, July 4, leaders of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia met in Paris all together with the French President François Hollande, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and representatives ministers from Italy, Austria, and from the two EU integrated Western Balkan countries Croatia and Slovenia.

The talks were about the European cooperation after Brexit, but also about the terrorism risks related to the massive migration influx into Europe, especially by the Western Balkan Route.

The leaders also signed the founding document of the RYCO (Regional Youth Cooperation Office), aiming to “support the regional exchange of youth, and their sharing of ideas, as a ground for future cooperation based on the values of co-existence, tolerance and respect of human rights and diversity, as well as commitment to inclusion and security.” The office is to “ensure implementation of joint programs for young people with the focus on the principles of democratic governance, sustainable economic development, education and innovation.”