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Czechia does not want to end up like France or Germany

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By Olivier Bault.

In answer to the German European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger, who reproached to Czechia her refusal of the compulsory quotas of migrant relocation (we are talking about people who entered illegally in Europe and we know nothing about them except they are in a vast majority young Muslim men), President Miloš Zeman wanted to put it on the record, through his spokesperson:

“I say it once again to Mr. Commissioner by speaking clearly: we do not want any refugee in Czechia, whether on the basis of the compulsory quotas or through a so called voluntary mechanism for redistribution. Our country simply does not want to take any risk regarding terrorist attacks like the ones that took place recently in France and Germany. By welcoming migrants, one is breeding ground for such barbaric attacks”.

A recent poll conducted by CVVM revealed that 62% of Czechs are against welcoming any “refugee” and 34% would accept the country to welcome some of them, but only until the end of the conflict in their homeland that made them flee.

Originally published in French on Nouvelles de France.
Translated by the Visegrád Post.