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The AfD supports the Visegrád group

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Germany – The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) expressed its support to Czechia for not accepting migrant quotas.

German Chancellor Angel Merkel will visit Prague on August 25 in order to make the country accept to take in migrants. Petr Bystron from the Bavarian branch of the AfD is expressing his support to Czechia. Czech Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Babiš declared earlier that “after what has been happening in Europe, I say clearly that I don’t want even a single refugee in the Czech Republic, not even temporarily. And even if they came, then the Czech Republic should fight the European Commission’s decision and sue it over possible sanctions.”

The AfD is becoming popular but also in Czechia, and Petr Bystron, who is of Czechoslovak origin, expressed his respect for the Visegrád group and the position of the V4 countries, seeing in an alliance with the V4 an opportunity to change the European Union and protect Europe.