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Roma organisations are closing because Soros does not found them anymore

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Hungary – Four major Roma organizations go out of business due to lack of means. The Open Society Foundations of George Soros has significantly decreased the aid given to organizations of the Roma minority.

“What the government has not succeeded with all his dirty methods, our sponsors accomplished it,” said Gábor Daróczi, former president of one of the four organizations which are ceasing operations. His remarks refer to their main and until now, stable financial support, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) of Goerge Soros.

The new strategy for financial assistance to the Roma minority is difficult to grasp, notes the Hungarian liberal newspaper Index, citing again Mr. Daróczi: “I do not see the strategy, or what business models they imagine for organizations of lawyers. We are talking about a market where small organizations of the civil society have to compete with the CEU (Central European University, University founded by Soros, ed) to receive funds from OSF and other major sponsors”. The lawyer fighting for the rights of his community refers here to conditions imposed by the OSF regarding donations, but also the lack of clarity in the management of these donations.

Index newspaper then asked the Roma representative why the Roma support policy has changed and its opinion on the matter, but he refused to answer the question. According to sources of the great Hungarian leftist newspaper, the strategy in place is rather ad hoc and related to the results of these associations.

Index notes in conclusion of his article that the OSF program for European funds granting optimization, which lasted 8 years and was completed in 2015-16, still hasn’t been evaluated or examined. Finally, according to Index, its sources speak of both personal motivations and organizational motivations to explain the decline of the important implication toward Romas.

George Soros said on September 20 that he is giving $500 million of his nonprofit organization’s funds to be invested on work opportunities for migrants and refugees, especially those arriving into Europe.