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Romanian border-guards shots two smugglers cars

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Romania, Moraviţa – Near Timișoara, on the border with Serbia and not far from the Hungarian border, the Romanian border guards opened fire on the vehicle of a passenger of Serbian citizenship conveying migrants. Romania is increasingly subject to the management of illegal immigration.

At dawn on Monday (August 28th), Romanian police discovered 12 Pakistani and Afghan illegal immigrants at the border. The smuggler, native of Serbia, tried to force the passage with both cars, injuring a Romanian officer and damaging the police vehicles on the spot. The Romanian border guards then opened fire to stop fleeing vehicles, wounding two illegal migrants, one of which is in a critical situation.

This news illustrates the fact that Romania is increasingly chosen by smugglers and migrants as a way of access to Schengen. Two weeks ago, a boat of illegal immigrants seeking to reach Romania was intercepted in the Black Sea. Indeed, while the border between Hungary and Serbia is closely monitored, it is not the same for the border between Hungary and Romania. Even if illegal immigration has dropped considerably in the Balkans since the actions of the Visegrád Group and Austria, there is still an important number of illegal immigrants who are flocking from Turkey through Bulgaria to the rest of Europe.