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Hungary: national consultation on the “Soros plan”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hungary – The Hungarian Conservative government of Viktor Orbán launches a new national consultation. After having asked the Hungarians to express their views on migrants and interference of Brussels, the Hungarian government is now considering what it calls the “Soros Plan”.

Referring to public and press statements by the speculator and American globalist activist George Soros – of Hungarian-Jewish origin, his real name is György Schwartz -, the Budapest government is seeking through this consultation to inform people on the intentions of this man of influence regarding Europe and Hungary.

It is also a means for the government to legitimize an increasingly voluntarist policy against Western and liberal-libertarian interference, so much supported by the American billionaire.

Through seven statements – each accompanied by detailed explanations – the national consultation recalls the stated objectives of George Soros:

1. George Soros wants to persuade Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East onto the territory of the European Union, including Hungary.

2. George Soros, together with the officials in Brussels, also wants to achieve the dismantlement of the fences and the opening of borders to the migrants.

3. One part of the Soros Plan is the compulsory distribution by Brussels of immigrants who conglomerated in Western Europe, especially in respect to the East European countries. Hungary would have to take part in this.

4. According to the Soros Plan, Brussels should force all EU Member States, including Hungary, to pay each immigrant HUF 9 million (€ 15,000) in welfare payments.

5. Another goal of George Soros is to make sure that migrants receive milder sentences for crimes they commit.

6. The aim of the Soros Plan is to de-emphasize the languages and cultures of the European countries in order to achieve faster integration of the illegal immigrants.

7. It is also part of the Soros Plan to initiate political attacks against those countries that oppose immigration and to severely punish them.

For the opposition, the government makes George Soros a scapegoat and interferes in the campaign for the elections of April 2018, which has already de facto started.

However, Viktor Orbán and his government intend to carry out their denunciation of George Soros and his henchmen of the “civil society” NGOs and global activists. According to the polls, the Hungarian people will again respond favorably to government questions, giving Viktor Orbán a renewed legitimacy to act against the so-called “Soros plan”.