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The Four of Varna, a new V4 in the Balkans?

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Bulgaria, Varna – The Prime Ministers of Greece and Romania and the Presidents of Serbia and Bulgaria, met in Varna on Tuesday, October 3. They initiated a new level of cooperation between their countries.

A new V4 in the Balkans? The Four of Varna, three members of the European Union – Greece, Bulgaria, Romania – and one candidate to the integration – Serbia -, are now cooperating on a higher level, on the model of the Visegrád Group.

“The Four countries might be the doors of the European Union, as they also can be a wall, which protects the Union”, explained the Romanian Prime Minister Tudose.

He stressed also that it was important for everybody to know, that this international cooperation is not turned against anyone, or anything. According to the Romanian Prime Minister, this cooperation group’s purpose is to “better defend their common interests.”

The Bulgarian President Borisov declared that on this Tuesday, “the Visegrád Four of the Balkans” has been established, and its role will” be good for Europe”, as it will give more weight to the four countries’ voices.
The next meeting should be held in Serbia, the only four state which is not member of the European Union yet.