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The Visegrád Post turns Two!

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Dear readers,

Today, March 31, 2018, the Visegrád Post is two years old!

Launched in 2016 as the Visegrád Group awoke from its torpor due to the massive and uncontrollable influx of illegal immigrants presented by the media as a fatality, or even as a chance, the Visegrád Post has given itself the mission to give an additional voice to the civilizational vision of Central Europe.

Counter-current to the liberal, progressive and globalist media that dominate the information and shape the opinion of the masses, we have been keen to create an independent media on a conservative line that reflects the mainstream vision of Central Europe.

Since the beginning of our work, we have published 1,211 articles, all in both French and English, including interviews with prominent people like Norbert Hofer, Minister of Infrastructure and Austrian presidential candidate, Rolandas Paksas, former President of Lithuania, Václav Klaus, former President of the Czech Republic, László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, Marek Kuchciński, Speaker of the Polish Parliament, Alexander Gauland, President of the AfD party in Germany, and many others.

And for this anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the Visegrád Post has for now on a third language of publication, German!

All this is only possible thanks to your support!

You can support the Visegrád Post’s work and development by donating via PayPal:

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Thanking you for your trust and your support,

Ferenc Almássy,