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“Excuse me! Did you say ‘progress’?”

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Gábor Tóth.

In the last few decades, the meaning of the word “progress” has changed so dramatically, it is hard sometimes to come to grips with it. In some countries of the once glorious West, when one says the word “progressive”, nowadays it means tolerance, acceptance and equality regarding certain patterns of behavior and thinking that not too long ago were totally unaccepted, morally wrong or even sinful. Somehow the so-called Progressives forgot where the unbelievable success and unprecedented glory came from, what it is that made western nations so great.

Conservative values are called that for a reason. To conserve something means it is good, but if you don’t put a protective shield around it, it will go bad. Pretty simple, just think of a can of tuna or a bottle of your favorite spirit. Once the tin is open, it is only a matter of time. For the societies of the Christian West, it didn’t take too long to go from traditional, happy and large families as the backbone of the nation to so-called “drag queens” being hired by “amazingly” progressive and tolerant Liberals to teach little children about how they must be open-minded to all forms of manifestation of whatever that feels good to every individual, no matter how strange, appalling and perverted it may be.

To consider a disturbed homosexual teaching young children about how they can be “drag queen superheroes” progressive is absolutely and utterly outrageous.

First of all, it is outrageous, because it is against all that is decent, wise or natural.

Second of all, that is NOT what the word “progress” means!

On an individual level, when you learn a new language or study the nature of animals, you have just made some progress in life.

On a larger scale, societies and nations also progress when they find better ways to live, organize their surroundings more effectively, create smarter, safer and more durable infrastructure, build greater and more modern buildings and so on.

Progress does NOT need to be made in an area where it is unnecessary, like in the Christian ideology and way of defining family and other moral values, because that belief system is ALREADY perfect. Nobody can “improve” or “enhance” the wonder of a man and a woman getting married and creating life together.

The West has lost it’s way. They try to outsmart nature, and we know how that always ends.

In the meantime, they put much smaller emphasis on making actual progress in their countries, developing new trade routes, critical infrastructure and other sustainable solutions. Don’t get me wrong, all in all they are still very developed, with the rest of the world lagging behind.

But how much longer? Take a look at the astonishing pace of development and true progress taking place in China.

They’re not occupied with making an outstanding effort to push through legislation protecting the “rights” of LGBTs to have babies that they can adopt and teach about how all values can be somehow accepted, even if they defy basic laws of nature, logic and common decency.

They are focused, they are restless, extremely hard-working, smart and wise.

They build bridges, highways, airports, harbors, roads and everything else you can imagine…

China’s mega machines are working speedily and they’re not just working on the physical roads, they’re working on catching up to the West and overtaking it, if possible. This scenario used to be unimaginable even in my childhood!

But only a couple of decades later, I go to China and I don’t think it’s impossible any more.

With the remarkable plan to build the New Silk Road, China has put the ball in the West’s court. Having grown up in this truly amazing western world, but later seeing the fantastic progress the East has made, together with the backsliding and regress experienced on the opposite side, I tend to wonder.

Why can’t the western world concentrate on the right thing, keep building, developing, improving at the same or greater pace than the East?

Well, maybe because they’re much more focused on what they have the right to do than what they are supposed to and have the responsibility to be doing.

Like always, history will be the judge and will explain to the world what the word “progress” really means.


Gábor Tóth is from Hungary, and he is the President of the Gateway to Europe V4-China Association.