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The Visegrád Post turns 3!

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Dear readers,

On this very day of 2019, March 31, the Visegrád Post celebrates its third birthday!

Three years ago, Ferenc Almássy launched the Visegrád Post. Started in 2016 while the Visegrád Group was awakening from its torpor due to the massive and uncontrollable influx of illegals – which was presented by the media as inevitable, or even as a chance – the Visegrád Post aimed to echo the civilisational vision of Central Europe.

Counter to mainstream liberal, progressive and globalist media which dominate the information sector and lead in soft power, we wanted to create an independent media with a Christian and conservative editorial line, matching with the Central European dominant vision.

We have accomplished already three full years of hard work without rest in order to get to the maximum of people different opinions about Central Europe. Against all odds, and only with the help of a bunch of volunteers and of our few donors, and of course thanks to our sponsor TV Libertés, we managed to bring you information and analysis for three years.

Among the 732 articles published in English (760 in French and 152 in German, that we started just a year ago) are some interviews with prominent figures of Central Europe: Péter Márki-Zay, seen as the up-and-coming politician of the Hungarian liberal opposition, Jarosław Gowin, deputy Prime Minister of Poland and minister of Research, or László Bogár, great Hungarian economist.

As we didn’t had the means to conduct a regular and thorough press review, we chose in 2017 to focus less on news and more on the production of analysis and the deciphering of the news. Our will was and still is to not look for buzz, but instead give our readers quality. This gives us a quite low visibility yet.

Although, among French and English websites specialised on Central Europe, we have the lead. Regarding German language websites, we are second. This means that our readership is not negligible and that there is a real demand for such articles as ours.

But since we do not want any advertising on our page and we kept our website readable for free by anyone, and regarding that we yet never got any subsidies, we need you, dear readers, donors, in order to continue our work so we can hope to celebrate next year together our fourth birthday.

All is this is possible only if you help us! Help us to inform you! Make a birthday gift to the Visegrád Post!

You can make a direct donation using PayPal by clicking here!

Thanking you for your trust and your support,

Ferenc Almássy,