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Support the Visegrád Post for 2018!

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Dear friends and readers,

For almost two years now the Visegrád Post brings you information, analysis and opinion pieces on Central Europe, against the tide of a press that is almost unanimously hostile to the interests of this region for ideological reasons, or others reasons related to their owners.

The Visegrád Post is and remains an independent media and this results in our freedom of tone, the diversity of opinions that we can publish, as well as the growing recognition of our media by the various authorities of Central Europe. But this has an unfortunate consequence: the lack of means.

You can therefore help us by supporting our work.

You can make a direct donation via PayPal:

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Our media is able to produce original content only thanks to you and your donations, and it’s thanks to you and your support that we have produced 542 articles in two languages ​​so far, not to mention the videos and documentaries we’ve associated with. Among these articles, prestigious interviews such as those with László Köver (President of the Hungarian Parliament), Marek Kuchciński (Marshal of the Polish Diet), Norbert Hofer (candidate at the last Austrian presidential election and current Austrian Minister) and Alexander Gauland (leader of the AfD).

The next step in developing the site is access to grants, and to reach that level, we count on you!

Ferenc Almássy
Editor-in-chief of the Visegrád Post