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To the German ambassador to Hungary

The Magyar Nemzet is the main daily outlet of Hungary. Founded in 1938, the Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) is a reference journal for the conservatives of Hungary. The conservative newspaper is close to the current Hungarian government lead by Viktor Orbán.

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This article has been published online by the Magyar Nemzet on August 26, 2020.


Dear Mr. Johannes Haindl, Your Excellency:

Mr. Michael Roth, the German Minister of State for Europe, indulged himself by uttering the following statement concerning Hungary:
“Growing antisemitism in Hungary was one of the factors contributing to the Article 7 case against Hungary.”

We’re used to Michael Roth’s vile, dishonest, and nefarious attacks and we try to do our best to refute these; that is of course, as best as one can respond to such uncouth and moronic political foaming at the mouth. But there are countless problems with these accusations of so-called antisemitism. Among these, the least of which is the pure lie that antisemitism motivated the Article 7 case launched against Hungary. It’s a lie, just like the accusation of antisemitism itself, and just about everything else this lowlife feels justified in condemning both Hungary and Poland of.

Alright, but after all this let’s take into account the facts!
On May 25, 2019 an article was published on Index that was referenced by most of Hungarian media. The article begins with the following statement:
“Felix Klein, the German Government Anti-Semitism Commissioner, warns Jewish people in the country to not wear kippahs due to rising concerns of antisemitism […].”
Perhaps it isn’t surprising that this caused quite a stir, in Hungary as well.

The article went on to elaborate:
“Journalist Michel Friedman, former conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) politician and former president of the European Jewish Congress, responded to Klein’s statement: the government has essentially admitted that they are incapable of protecting their Jewish citizens.
If a representative of the federal government officially informs the Jewish people that they are at risk of antisemitism and violence in Germany, it yields a dismal report on the status of German rule of law and political reality. – I recommend that everyone take this announcement very seriously because where Jewish people cannot live freely and safely, others will soon be next – warned Friedman.”

If we stick with Mr. Roth’s crooked logic and brazen lies, then one would agree that this in and of itself deserves an Article 7 proceeding. But that’s not what I recommend. Instead, let’s look further at the facts:
The Hungarian portal, Zsidó.com also addressed the incidents, determining, among other things:
“The statement also prompted a response from the shocked Israeli head of state. – We recognize and value the moral stance and commitment of the German government to the local Jewish community. At the same time, this fear felt for the security of German Jews equates to a capitulation to antisemitism and is an acknowledgement that Jewish people are not safe on German soil – declared Reuven Rivlin.
According to current HVG (Weekly World Economy magazine) reports, the German government has changed its position. Because of an upcoming anti-Israel event, the Anti-Semitism Commissioner has called on people to wear a kippah in solidarity. Klein Felix said: I call upon all citizens of Berlin and Germany to wear a kippah next Saturday in the event of any intolerable attacks on Jews and Israel on the occasion of Quds Day in Berlin.
Quds Day is an annual anti-Israel demonstration held on the last Friday of Ramadan.
The paper reminds that the background of the case is, among other things, the April incident when three – presumably Arab – young men attacked two men wearing kippahs in an elegant district of Berlin. As it turns out, one of the victims was an Arab living in Israel who donned the kippah only because he was wondering whether the German capital was really a dangerous place for Jews.”

We’ll return to Al-Quds later, but for now let’s take a closer look at that April incident.
Already, on April 18, 2018, ATV (Hungarian TV channel) and other news portals reported on the Berlin incident. You can read this on ATV’s website:
“Two people were attacked because they were wearing a kippah, the Jewish religion’s customary, required head-covering. The incident caused national outrage with both the German capital leadership and the federal government condemning the antisemitic attack on Wednesday.
The incident took place Tuesday night before dark in an affluent district of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, in a public area, on the street. On a video that one of the victims recorded on his phone, it can be seen that one of the three assailants was hitting the victim with his belt, shouting in Arabic, »Jew, Jew!« The state defense department of the Berlin police that deals with political crimes has launched an investigation into the case. The recording became widely known across social media platforms, thus the frequent incident in Berlin sparked national outrage.
According to a government report, 1453 antisemitic crimes were recorded in the country, 32 of these violent crimes. This means that in 2017, there was an average of 4 anti-Jewish crimes per day that were included in official statistics.
The Department for Research and Information on Antisemitism Berlin (RIAS), that is supported by the capital government, has shown that antisemitic crimes and other incidents which do not qualify as crimes (such as insults, abuses) have been on the rise in Berlin since the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip in 2014. Last year, 947 cases were recorded; a 60% increase from the previous year. Two to three cases are reported to the organization every day.”

It’s shocking data. But this is by no means some exceptional example in the series of regular attacks against Jews in Germany! On August 1, 2019, the portal,, reported:
“The leading rabbi of Chabad in Berlin was insulted by two Arabic-speaking men and then spat on Friday night around 9pm as he exited the synagogue in the Wilmersdorf district. One of his children was with him during the attack. The perpetrators haven’t been identified; police have launched an investigation into the matter.
According to a report by RIAS in Berlin, a total of 80 antisemitic incidents took place in Teichtal’s district, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, last year – the second highest number in Berlin. In total, 1800 antisemitic crimes were reported in the capital last year, an increase of 20% from the previous year.
A day after the Berlin attack, on Saturday in Potsdam, two assailants, presumably Syrian as according to police, insulted a 25-year-old Jewish man wearing a kippah and Star of David at the local train station.
– As I got off at the station, I noticed shadows behind me – recalled the victim, claiming that the two men spat on him while spewing antisemitic threats and insults.
The incidents of this past Friday and Saturday are just the latest in a string of crimes against Jews in Germany in recent years. According to the German Internal Security Agency, the number of antisemitic attacks has increased by a large portion, 71.4% in the past month.”

What do these aforementioned reports reveal? “Men shouting in Arabic”, “Arabs”, “Syrian citizens”. Of course, this is not surprising to us, but it’s important to stick with this topic for a bit. After all, the German authorities are lying about this (too).
In the Index article cited first, the following can be read:
“According to the information available, about 90% of attacks on Jews come from the far-right, and a much smaller number are Muslims who are watching programs on Arab TV channels that »paint a horrible picture« of Judaism.
In Germany, 1646 antisemitic crimes were recorded in 2018, about 10% more than the previous year. The number of antisemitic attacks that escalated to violence rose from 37 to 62 last year.”

Well, even to an amateur it is clear that this is a blatant lie that serves the sole purpose of trying to cover up and hide the obvious from German society: the terrible consequences of a flawed and dangerous German approach to migration “policy”. (I put policy in quotes because, in fact it is just the latest manifestation of German self-hatred since World War II; a serious psychological disorder society as a whole is afflicted by, leading to the eventual elimination of German society itself. Unfortunately…)

In order to make this lie obvious to everyone, here is an excerpt from another article from the portal:
“German authorities record antisemitic incidents with Muslim or Arab aggressors as »far-right attacks« – revealed the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in their report.
As reported by our paper, antisemitism sounded off earlier this month at the Al-Quds march in Berlin, where the Lebanese Hezbollah Shiite terrorist group was also present.
The JTA wrote an article regarding these cases which explains that similar antisemitic incidents from Muslim and Arab aggressors are often filed as »far-right« – making the statistic mentioned recently by German Minster of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, that in 2018, 90% of antisemitic atrocities recorded were perpetrated by the far right, entirely possible.
»Many who criticize the procedures say the Quds Day parade and other misidentified cases promote the use of antisemitism as a political tool and undermine the seemingly hopeless fight against it.«
The portal revisited the 2014 case when a German court found that three Palestinians who set fire to a synagogue were not motivated by antisemitism. The decision was upheld in 2017 by the German Higher Regional Court.
Poensgen also cited cases other than the 2014 incident in which men at the Al-Quds march in Berlin shouted »Heil Hitler!« This case was also filed as perpetrated by the far-right, though due to the almost exclusively Arab participants of the march, this is doubtful.
The German government recently released a report on Islamist antisemitism, but that doesn´t help the systematic errors – added the paper.
We also spoke to László Bernát Veszprémy, the deputy editor-in-chief of our JTA paper, about his research at the Migration Research Institute on antisemitic attacks committed by migrants.
Veszprémy believes that »the issue [with the German government’s system of categorizing the perpetrators of antisemitic attacks] is that Islam isn’t mentioned anywhere; so a Muslim or Arab believer in Islamist or »pro Palestine« ideologies could fall into at least three categories: right-wing [nationalist], foreign [secular], or religious«.
This results in »essentially any antisemitic attack being classified as far-right in Germany presently«, mainly because of the system of categorization.
The report concludes with a recent Belgian case where a now-acquitted Turkish shopkeeper posted a sign in his Liége shop that dogs could enter but Jews could not.
The incident was described by Joel Rubinfeld, Belgian activist against antisemitism, as »surreal« in a JTA article.” (Németország eltitkolja a muszlimok által elkövetett antiszemita támadásokat/Germany conceals antisemitic attacks by Muslims,, June 16, 2019)

And well, this is where that particular Al-Quds march comes up again – and here is the truth: the far-right is not responsible for the ever-growing, and increasingly violent anti-Jewish attacks in Germany, but rather extremist Muslim migrants. What your government denies, hides, and lies all about – just like your migrant “policy” – hastens you to whatever terrible and self-destructive consequences lay ahead.
However – and I say this as an especially disappointed and heartbroken Swabian living in Hungary – this is all your problem.

Yet, it very much is our problem that your vile, deceitful, and dishonest Minister of State is lying left and right about Hungary. We will not tolerate this any longer, from anyone. Including you. Gone are the days when anyone could kick us around – it’s high time you all take note of this as well. Our message to Michael Roth is to finally deal with what’s happening to Jewish people in Germany. And if you are completely unable to stop hurling insults at Hungary and Poland, and you are so endlessly worried about the Hungarian Jewish population, then we suggest you direct your questions towards the opposition parties; how on earth can they justify themselves standing behind candidates who’ve made antisemitic and nazi comments? Roth, you could ask DK, MSZP, and all the other party representatives what else are they willing to do to replace the current government; does the end truly justify the means? And when you’ve finished with this, go ahead and ask the “progressive and forward-thinking” American left, like Miss Cortez and the others – and of course most importantly, the boundlessly antisemitic blacks of the BLM movement – why they make horrifying antisemitic statements day after day. Or does this go beyond the limits of Comrade Roth’s courage and (nonexistent) honesty?

Your Excellency!

In the twentieth century you wanted to tell us who NOT to live with. We know what the end of that was.
Now you want to tell us who we SHOULD live with.
Thanks, but we didn’t ask for that either.
Now is the time when we Hungarians decide our own destiny for ourselves and consequently, who we want to live with.
Next to this, everything else is a secondary priority. Oh, and Michael Roth places at around twentieth. But we refuse to tolerate his lies.

Bayer Zsolt