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Should Really Hungary Be Sorry for Its Stance on Migration?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hungary – To the dismay of the open-border NGO activists at the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, it has been reported that Hungary has “pushed-back” 4,903 illegal aliens to Serbia since an EU Court ruling in December that found Hungary in violation of EU directives on asylum.

Viktor Orbán’s far-left critics even posted a nice map documenting the government’s success, marking with blue dots the nearly 600 pushbacks involving 4,504 illegals trying to pass through Hungary in the month following the court’s decision.

Screenshot taken on Google Maps, February 2021. Source: Helsinki Committee Hungary

In its ruling, the EU Court of Justice claimed that taking illegal migrants (they entered via another safe state, more than likely several) back across the border fence, which is technically still in Hungarian territory, was equivalent to deportation. The activist court argued that the illegal migrants involved had no other option but to go back Serbia, the non-EU state in which they illegally entered Hungary from.

If the ruling sounds bizarre, that is because it is.

No sovereign and independent nation state should allow itself to be handcuffed regarding its ability to defend its border. National security and self-preservation must come first.

So far, the Hungarian government has resisted, rightfully declining to stop the so-called pushbacks, which are absolutely necessary to properly defend one’s border. What other method is there to prevent aggressive male migrants from trying to force their way past the borders? There is no other way and Brussels is well aware of this.

The fact that some EU officials are threatening to punish those states (not just Hungary) engaging in pushbacks makes a total mockery of the EU’s claim of defending the external borders and its so-called border guard Frontex.

By attacking pushbacks, the EU is indirectly admitting that it has no intention to defend the borders.

However, Hungary has been here before. In 2015, when Angela Merkel was conducting “we can do it” rallies in Germany and encouraging other EU states to open their borders, Hungary, alone, refused to blindly follow Germany’s lead as thousands of aggressive male illegals violently attacked its border demanding entry. The Hungarian border guard stood its ground and instead took action to control events, instead of being flooded like it’s neighbour Austria.

Despite the bark of the NGOs and EU Parliament, there is little they can do to stop the pushbacks, which are slowly becoming the new normal in Europe. Besides Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Greece are also utilizing pushbacks or chain deportations; many other states silently approve, knowing it benefits them as well. There is simply not enough support in the EU to collectively punish these states for defending the external borders.

Hungary is a small but proud nation and Viktor Orbán knows the stakes; once flooded with illegal migrants – like Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium – it is already too late to reverse the tide. These countries have been reduced to offering useless integration plans that do not work.

Instead of defending its borders like Hungary, many other states now have to deal with migrant “No-Go-Zones”

and the impossible task of trying to integrate illegals who do not want to assimilate, but only wish to dominate.

These are not refugees, but aggressive male illegals from alien cultures abusing a weak EU.

Germany and many other “rich” EU states, lacking the courage to do it themselves, should be grateful for Hungary’s efforts at the border, which greatly reduced the flow of illegals to their countries.

Hungary is also quite open about its border policies. The leader of this multicult NGO, András Lederer, even admitted that “Hungary proudly publishes hundreds of them (pushbacks) on the police official website.” He added that since 2016, “Hungary has managed to push more than 50,000 people back to Serbia. I would never have the time to put all those on a map.”

Too bad, it could serve as a model for others.

Viktor Orbán and Hungary had both the time and courage to take action to control events, instead of allowing the masses to control them.

Defiance can be very healthy at times, especially when self-preservation and national security are on the line. There was never any European solidarity for mass migration, open borders or rabid Multicult. This was a myth invented in Brussels.

Hungary is not only unapologetically protecting its citizens from the dangers of mass migration, but it is defending all EU states…especially Germany.

No wonder the Dutch and Swedish governments are embarrassed and attacking Hungary for doing something they could not do…defending their culture, their citizens and their way of life.

This is real European solidarity…produced in Hungary.