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The golem has turned against its creators

The Magyar Nemzet is the main daily outlet of Hungary. Founded in 1938, the Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) is a reference journal for the conservatives of Hungary. The conservative newspaper is close to the current Hungarian government lead by Viktor Orbán.

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This article has been published online by the Magyar Nemzet on March 19, 2021.

The European Union is a golem. It always has been, just that now, it turned against its creators. At first glance this might seem loud and exaggerated, but the events of the past years, months, weeks all reinforce this feeling in me.

Rabbi Loew, the Maharal of Prague, created the golem clayman in the late 1500s, who, according to legend, worked from Monday to Friday, serving the city and protecting the Jewish community. It was run by a scroll of paper, shem – that we might refer to today as a computer program – with the name of God written on it. If the scroll was extracted, the golem became lifeless – yet one time, the clayman broke free and turned against its creators. The golem trampled and destroyed everything in his way. Thus, its creator, the rabbi, “erased” the program and stopped the raging giant.

The founding fathers dreamed up the European Union so that there would be no more global cataclysms and nations could live side by side in peace and prosperity. The benevolent giant golem seemed like a successful, wise creation. After all, it successfully reconciled the Germans, Brits and French. Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it embraced the liberated nations of Central Eastern Europe and accepted the reality of unified Germany. The countries and peoples of the EU could look to the 21 st century with the hope of peaceful coexistence and successful economic and political strengthening.

But the golem came into a life of its own, almost unnoticed, step by step.

Perhaps more than ten years ago when the idea of a “United States of Europe” began to sneak into public discourse through the “progressive” left-wing media. The growing Brussels bureaucracy was of course happy to endorse this as it justified and affirmed their existence and livelihood.

Through this process, the Judeo-Christian European values, which provided a 2000-year-old solid foundation for the EU, were slowly but purposefully eroded. In its place came a diverse, multicultural, supranational Europe. The first step was accepting migration and even masking it as desirable. This process was accelerated since 2015.

Thus far, the past year has brought a new, unknown crisis. The Covid-19 epidemic swept the world like a hurricane. The EU leadership, like a runaway golem, has accumulated mistake after mistake. First, its institutions underestimated the threat of the epidemic and the speed of its spread. Last year it turned out that one of the most developed regions of the world is not able to provide itself with basic supplies like masks, rubber gloves, or ventilators. The richer countries tried to bid higher on these supplies to get them from the poorer, yet quicker, EU countries.

Then the race for vaccines began. Scientists, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies began to develop in Europe, America, Russia, and China. As news of the first scientific results arrived, we could rightly have faith that Europe would be among the winners. After all, for the most part, American, British and EU research was progressing fastest and most successfully. Of course, the EU golem wanted to keep the success for itself.

The bureaucrats announced that if they negotiate with manufacturers, they will acquire the most vaccines and fastest, because a market of five hundred million is more attractive than a stand-alone nation. Hundreds of millions of euros were advanced to several pharmaceutical companies to expand production capacity and speed up manufacturing. Yet for some strange reason, they again committed a series of mistakes or sins. First, experts misjudged which development could be implemented soonest. Therefore, it happened that last year most of our contracts were tied down with a vaccine manufacturer whose development and testing is currently lagging behind most others.

This two billion vaccine shipment is not even on the horizon. On the one end, it is already a sin as it reveals a lack of skill and due diligence. Or worse, some EU bureaucrats may have colluded with certain pharmaceutical companies. Otherwise, why would the EU have waived its right to sue manufacturers in the event of late delivery? According to the left-wing “narrative news portal” Politico, EU treaties do not reflect trade logic and contain ridiculous mistakes. Maybe that is why the agreements were made secret. Thus, the fastest pharmaceutical companies are announcing one after the other that, due to some kind of transparent objections, they will not be able to deliver the EU shipments on time. Meanwhile, other countries receive enormous orders of vaccines. The British must really be delighted now that they left the EU because their government made much more successful contracts.

Thus, we arrive to the point where the golem has turned against its creators. It is not enough that Europe has fallen way behind due to weak contracts, but they are also getting deeper into an economic crisis and thousands of people are dying every day. And the countries that try to buy vaccines from elsewhere – like China and Russia – are threatened and punished. They threaten governments that prioritize the lives and security of their own citizens over the EU verdict. Moreover, they try to hold you accountable for how much you bought the vaccines for. Meanwhile, behind closed doors in Brussels and based on closed contracts ignoring prior agreements, they unequally distribute the slowly arriving, limited vaccine amounts.

We are now at a state where the British, Americans, and Israelis have more vaccinated by order of magnitude. And the Hungarian government is attacked because it is going at a much faster rate, saving lives with the help of Russian and Chinese vaccines.

We must also be aware that the economic and political winners of this health crisis will be the fastest and smartest states. The rest will unfortunately fall behind. Hungary cannot slow down – the more vaccines, the faster vaccinations, the more we win. We can consider the fate of the golem afterwards.