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Dear readers,

Today, we celebrate Good Friday, the day the Christ suffered his Passion, was condemned and crucified. It is a most important day for Christians, as well as a day of mourning and self-reflection. Christians fast and seek silence and calm in order to pray. For this reason, we will not be publishing any articles today in order to take part in our own way in this time of silence and peace. We will be back tomorrow, waiting for Easter Sunday, when we all be rejoicing in the resurrection of Christ!

While we live troubled times and since freedom restrictions affect everyone in their spiritual, familial and intimate lives, we urge you not to forget what is the more important and not to neglect your beloved ones!

For the occasion of this special day, we propose you this particular art work of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, who died just a year ago on March 29, 2020. This avant-garde music has been composed in 1966 and played for the first time the same year on March 30. It has been composed to mark the 1000th anniversary of Poland’s baptism. In communist Poland, that was a subversive art work.