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Anti-Paedophilia Law: EU to level sanctions against Hungary?

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Hungary – In light of the commotion caused by certain local authorities in Poland declaring themselves LGBT-ideology free zones, one could expect that the adoption of Hungary’s Anti-Paedophilia Law, which forbids minors to be exposed to LGBT propaganda, to provoke a certain amount of uproar from progressives. Indeed, one can almost hear the lamentations in Berlin, Brussells and other places.

A law “in contradiction to our values”

Germany’s European Affairs Minister, Michael Roth (SPD) was one of the first to react on Twitter following the Hungarian parliament’s vote:

“This law goes against everything we regard as our common European values. Full solidarity and support for LGBTIQ people in Hungary.”

It was the same story when his French counterpart, Clément Beaune (LREM), himself very active on homosexual issues, reacted:

“Until now, Hungary only had problems with the rule of law but deliberately and directly targeting a certain group of people, namely the LGBTIQ community, is something new.”

“…There are two things that you can do at moments like these: Apply political pressure…Or directly support the people who will suffer the negative effects.”

The US ambassador in Budapest stated that “governments have the duty to promote freedom of expression and protect human rights, including the rights of the LGBTQI+ community.

EU Commissioner Didier Reynders expressed his “profound regret at Hungary’s new law forbidding homosexuality to be presented to minors. Young people need to have access to information that reflects what makes an open and modern society in all its diversity. No-one should be censored.

Helena Dalli: “Brussels is ready to take action.”

According to the EU’s logic, these negative reactions from the Western establishment might well lead to sanctions being levelled against those usual Hungarian troublemakers. Helena Dalli, member of the Maltese Labour Party and EU Commissioner for Equality, stated that Brussels is ready to take action against Hungary with measures similar to those taken against the Polish regions that created LGBT-free zones.

“The message is that if you don’t uphold the values of democracy or equality of the European Union, you are not entitled to take money for your project.”

The European Union has suspended for one year the funding of twinning projects conducted by six Polish towns that consider themselves to be “LGBT-ideology free zones”, Dalli said, “So we think that if we extrapolate that to what is happening in Hungary there might be also the same effect”, but the EU will first examine the legality of such a decision.

A logic that seems to be supported, if not outright dictated, by Amnesty International:

It is a dark day for LGBTI rights and for Hungary.

Echoing the infamous Russian “Propaganda Law”, this new legislation will further stigmatise LGBTI people…It will expose people already facing a hostile environment to even greater discrimination…

The EU and its member states must take urgent steps by raising this issue at the next General Affairs Meeting in the Council and ensuring that the EU is a safe place for LGBTI people.

When interviewed by the press, the EU Commission’s spokesman, Christian Wigand, declared: “The European Commission is aware that the Hungarian Parliament has passed a law banning LGBTI ‘propaganda’ and is aware of the ongoing debate. For the time being, it is analyzing the law in detail to determine whether it complies with EU legal standards.

Von der Leyen: “Very concerned about the new law in Hungary.”

Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, was not far behind in condemning Hungary:

“Very concerned about the new law in Hungary. We are assessing if it breaches relevant EU legislation.

I believe in a Europe which embraces diversity, not one which hides it from our children. No one should be discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation.

Zoltán Kovács: “Instead of fighting gender ideological battles, we are concentrating on the important issues.”

The Hungarian government’s spokesman, Zoltán Kovács, responded to the Commission President via Twitter: “As the mother of 7 children, surely you understand importance of being able to educate your children on these sensitive matters as you see fit. That’s what this law is about. Oh, & also about creating serious criminal repercussions for acts of pedophilia. As a Christian Democrat, which part of the above do you have a problem with?

“Instead of fighting the battles of gender ideology, we are focused on the important things: the protection and healthy development of children in Hungary,”

he also added on the blog About Hungary, “and preserving the right of parents to educate their kids on these sensitive matters.”