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About those deportations to Afghanistan… or lack of them

Reading Time: 3 minutes

European Union – Many in the EU media circles and open-border lobbies have made quite a fuss lately about deportations to Afghanistan. Finland now says they will stop the deportations while Germany and Austria claim they will continue.
Quite frankly, this is a misleading debate… precisely because, unfortunately, there are so few deportations to Afghanistan to begin with.

The question for Sebastian Kurz of Austria and those so-called conservatives of the EPP in Germany, who both like to give the impression that they are tough on migration, should focus on why they have failed to deport more illegals to Afghanistan during their long tenures in power?

Judging from the numbers of Mother Germany, one percent seems to be the EU’s bar of success.

Germany, governed by Angela Merkel’s CDU-CSU, is the perfect example of this smoke and mirrors game. The fact of the matter is that there have only been a tiny percentage of Afghans deported (less than a half percent) from Germany even before COVID. The numbers are meaningless compared to the arrivals.

1) Since 2016 (that’s over 5 years), Germany has only deported 1,000 Afghans, that’s only about 200 per year.

2) Yet the number of Afghan first-time asylum applicants in Germany stood at 158,394 at the end of 2016…and in 2017 alone, 127,000 Afghans applied for asylum in Germany. (Sources: A and B)

That’s close to 300,000 in two years (2016 and 2017) alone… and the Afghans are still coming in waves.

Today, Afghans make up the largest share of asylum seekers in the EU, according to the EU’s statistics agency, Eurostat.

In Austria, the brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl by an illegal Afghan shocked the nation.

It also rekindled the debate about deportations to Afghanistan.

Shockingly, there are some in Austria with such twisted logic that they have called to end deportations to Afghanistan after this tragedy.

This is hard to comprehend in light of what just happened. In fact, the deportations to Afghanistan must be prioritized, accelerated and more meaningful. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has not done enough in regards to this issue.

Kurz has rightly stated that Austria will keep deporting Afghans, but he cannot escape his responsibility either with just another scripted press conference.

Kurz has been the Chancellor of Austria for some time now and the Afghan charged should not have been roaming the streets of Austria. He had a very violent history and was well-known to police.

Moreover, the other Afghan suspect in the murder was in the process of asylum… not deportation.

Kurz, a typical EPP opportunist, likes to employ neocon-like propaganda, giving the impression that Austria deports Afghans in large numbers.

Based on the numbers, this is highly misleading, unless one employs a very low bar to measure success.

Between 2015-2020, 47,000 Afghans applied for asylum in Austria.

Yet, between January-October 2019, only 235 Afghans were deported. Only 235! In the year 2020, this number was near zero under the lame COVID excuse, which should not have any bearings on deportations.

Kurz may be young, but he’s been heavily involved in the ruling governments of Austria since 2013, serving as Chancellor of Austria since December 2017 (except for a very brief period after his initial government collapsed) and Minister of Foreign Affairs from December 2013 – December 2017, during the height of the invasion.

Certainly, he is not entirely to blame, but neither is he what he pretends to be.

Given the heavy flows of Afghans to Austria during his tenure in government, Kurz has to deport more than 235 Afghans over two years (we do not have 2021 numbers yet) to be taken seriously.

The failure to deport illegal Afghans (and others) despite the constant pledges is one of the many reasons why the EU-wide migration pact must be unconditionally defeated.

The rhetoric from Berlin and Brussels suggests that this is just another old ‘bait and switch’ game of rescues and relocations now… followed by future promises of deportations later that never materialize into anything of substance.

The EU migration pact, designed by Germany and Ylva Johansson from Sweden (such experts regarding migration), will commit the EU to endless relocations and mass migration for decades.

Viktor Orbán has the right idea of suspending all migration from outside the bloc for two years until Europe can prove itself first with deporting the illegals here already. Quite frankly, we think it should be longer and based on a certain high percentage of illegals deported first, but it’s a good start.

But don’t trust Berlin or Brussels when it comes to promises of future deportations in a sly effort to create a permanent EU relocation mechanism inside the EU.

The results will be the same as the last six years… a flood of aggressive males arriving from alien cultures with minuscule returns for show.