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Salvini’s credibility at stake

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Italy – Draghi just sent him a clear message with 800 fresh illegals over the weekend.

After Matteo Salvini linked his continued support of the government with stopping the illegal landings, Mario Draghi seems to have send Salvini a message with 800+ new illegals over the weekend.

Months ago, after initial skepticism, Salvini took the advice of Lega’s inner circle to join the Draghi unity government in Italy.

League insiders insisted that Salvini’s ‘EU facelift’ would improve his image, thus enhancing his prospects of becoming Prime Minister.

Obviously they miscalculated and did not expect Giorgia Meloni’s quick rise, where several polls now reveal that her party has surpassed the League (the margins are thin).

“The League wants to join Draghi in order to clear its name in Europe, to get rid of its reputation as a Eurosceptic party,” said a senior League source, who had helped shape the policy.

To clear its name? Why? This was the party that dominated the EU elections in Italy just two years ago.

But as Salvini is quickly discovering, the League cannot ‘out-EU’ the left in Italy. The numbers continue to drop for Lega, which received the most votes in the last EU elections of 2019 (34%). Today, Lega is down to about 20%, which represents a fall of about 41% in just two years.

In contrast, Meloni’s FdI received only 6.5% of the votes in 2019 but poll around 20-21% today, an increase of about 215%.

These polls represent major reversals of fortune.

Meanwhile, the Draghi government continues to surrender Italy’s border. Over the weekend, another 800 illegals received permission to land in Italy, just days after Salvini said his support for the government was at risk if the landings continued.

Well, what more proof is Salvini looking for?

A German migrant transfer boat carrying 257 illegals docked Saturday in Sicily after Italian authorities granted permission… and hours later a French ‘humanitarian’ vessel with 549 illegals aboard received a similar port assignment.

Salvini and Lega freely chose to support this pro-migration government…fully aware of the current interior minister’s past regarding migration. It’s hard to comprehend that Salvini thought things would be any different.

This was a colossal mistake. Only Giorgia Meloni, as the patriotic opposition, stood by her principles and refused to support this unity regime.

Yes, Salvini has received poisonous advice, but Salvini also has a free will. He chose to join this government that also includes Matteo Renzi and the pro-migration socialists.

A few days ago, Salvini clearly said his support would be at risk if the Draghi government continued to grant entry.

However, it seems as if Draghi just sent Salvini his answer…over 800 illegals in just two days. Actions speak louder than words.

No doubt, Salvini is losing credibility and many are puzzled over his recent decisions. If Salvini fails to exit the government now, how can one trust him to lead Italy in the future?

Nevertheless, Italy (and Europe) need both Meloni and Salvini on the same team. The fear is that some (especially the EPP Party) are trying to divide the two. Indeed, one can sense certain tensions forming, which could be a distraction for the current right coalition in the future.

No doubt, Salvini has been very disappointing over the last several months, but this writer is not ready to write-off Salvini just yet, but he seems to eager to compromise his positions to be the future PM. But, he would make a great Interior Minister in a Meloni government.

It’s time for Salvini to get rid of the EU face mask. He needs to join Meloni to fight the good fight and to start putting the pressure on this government to inspire new elections in Italy.

How many landings is enough, Salvini asked the other day. That’s a very good question that Salvini must answer himself as he continues to support this government.

Draghi gave his immediate answer with another 800 illegals in two days. Now it’s time for Salvini to answer Draghi with action by exiting his government.

Italy’s prodigal son needs to return home.