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Master Draghi’s unity government in Italy opens the floodgates…the arrival of illegals soar!

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Italy – Mario Draghi is now criticizing European nation states which do not want any more Afghans. Has Draghi been to Austria or Greece – both which have experienced a large influx of Afghans – to discover why they do not want any more?

Unfortunately, Matteo Salvini’s Lega is part of this government, choosing to play the role of the controlled opposition, just like Merkel’s allies of the CSU (Seehofer) of Germany.

How did that work out for Germany regarding migration?

It’s a shame that Lega continues to support this government; Draghi’s record could be worse than the last regime in Italy.

– The number of illegals arriving in Italy from Tunisia and Libya has ‘doubled’ in the first eight months of this year compared to last year. In August alone, more than 10,000 illegals arrived.

The negligence at the border is inexcusable , but it has gone on for years now in Italy…with the exception of 2019, when Salvini was the interior minister.

Under Draghi’s unity government, the situation has gotten worse. It’s utterly mind-boggling that Lega still supports this government.

After initially ignoring the crisis, Salvini has recently started to protest the governments reckless open entry policy with more vigor, but he has chosen to focus on the weak interior minister instead of ‘Boss Draghi’, who appointed the pro-migration interior minister to begin with.  This is an easy cop-out (just focusing on the left) and does little to change the direction in Italy.

Moreover, facts are facts, and Salvini is part of this government coalition. He knew full well the position of Draghi’s Interior Minister and is free to leave if he disagrees with the government’s migration policy. At least on migration, Lega appears to have no clout with Draghi.

– But one should not give up on Salvini altogether; the right needs the old version of Salvini.  In defense of the ‘Salvini of 2019’, no doubt, the record clearly shows that Salvini was the best interior minister of Italy…and Europe.

Despite vigorous disagreements with his recent judgements, this writer feels compelled to point out that Salvini was abandoned in 2019 by many so-called anti-migration leaders (Sebastian Kurz, Andrej Babiš, etc), who were busy cozying up to the establishment parties and new Von der Leyen Commission after the 2019 elections.

In 2019, Salvini actually took action to close the ports and was attacked from all sides…left alone to battle France, Germany and the EU establishment.  Whether Salvini felt burned by the obvious lack of support from others is not known, but this was a colossal mistake and missed opportunity for national conservatives across the bloc.

One cannot change the past, but the battle must go on.  It would be beneficial to all on the right if Salvini stops taking advice from Lega insiders (the party was insignificant on a national level until it took tough stance on migration) and eventually assumes the role of interior minister again…this time inside a Giorgia Meloni government.

Lega’s strategy to achieve “cool” status by the EU establishment is backfiring…as evidenced by its sharp and sudden fall in the polls. Since it’s peak in 2019 (when Salvini and Lega took on the establishment to easily capture the EU elections of 2019), Lega has fallen almost 50% in the polls.

Some strategy.

The prodigal son needs to come home. Italy and Europe both need the old Salvini of 2019.