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European Parliament continues pro-LGBT crusade – Reactions in Central Europe

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European Union – Pursuing its policy of standardising the EU and establishing “LGBT rights” in all Member States to create a more “rainbow-coloured Europe”, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on 13 September calling on the European Commission to take action to establish “same-sex marriage” and adoption rights for same-sex couples throughout the EU. The resolution, which explicitly criticizes Poland, Romania, and Hungary, was passed by 387 votes in favour to 161 votes against, with 123 abstentions. The European Parliament’s vote has given rise to a number of reactions, particularly in Central Europe.

A “totally unfounded political resolution” 

Judit Varga, the Hungarian minister of justice, as quoted in Mandiner, reacted to this “totally unfounded political resolution” saying that “It seems that the EP still resents the fact that Hungary does not allow any form of sexual propaganda in its public educational institutions, schools, and kindergartens, thanks to its Child Protection Act […] They are disturbed by our resistance to pressure and the LGBTQ lobby. […]

The education of children is the sole responsibility of parents, and this is enshrined in Article 14 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Is it so difficult to understand in Brussels?

[…] The European Parliament wants to dictate what is considered marriage and family, and it also wants a say in the child-parent relationship. […] Once again, they want to give us advice from above on issues that are in fact under national jurisdiction. […]

Every adult in Hungary lives as he or she sees fit, according to his or her own decision and worldview. The education of children is the exclusive right of parents. We won’t back down on that!

Typical example of neo-Marxist dictatorship

The same can be heard in Warsaw, where the deputy minister of education and science, Tomasz Rzymkowski, was quoted in Do Rzeczy as saying that this umpteenth European Parliament resolution on the subject was “a typical example of a neo-Marxist dictatorship”:

This type of action by the European Parliament must be strongly condemned, as it is a strictly ideological action

[…] No one beats around the bush anymore. […] It is an attempt to push European countries into a kind of ideological war, an attempt to create a new man. Neo-Marxism in its pure form…”

“Yet another blatant violation of the law.”

For Polish MEP Patryk Jaki (Solidarna Polska), “This is yet another blatant violation of the law, the treaties, good manners, and the principles of diplomacy, as the resolution talks about imposing dictates on other member states relating to family law, culture, ethics, morality, and religion, all of which fall within the exclusive competence of the member states.

EU officials are deliberately violating the rule of law and trying to force through something they know the Poles do not approve of, treating Poland as their colony. 

Marriage as the union of one man and one woman

For his part, the spokesman for the Romanian Orthodox Church, Vasile Bănescu, reminded Brussels, as quoted by, that “[I]n the field of family law, i.e. marriage,

EU Member States have, as is normal, full legislative independence. There can therefore be no question of compulsory recognition of so-called same-sex marriages throughout the European Union. 

[…] The stance taken by the Christian churches, but also by the other religious confessions in Romania, with regard to marriage (a civil institution defined throughout history as the union of one man with one woman) is the natural position based on the universal moral law which underlies every healthy society in the past, present, and future.”