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We learned the terrible news yesterday: Our colleague, the Austrian journalist and translator Peter Hauer, died on 3 November at the age of 67.

A workaholic, passionate about his news mission, and an exceptional polyglot, Peter never shied away from any amount of work. He knew how to handle emergencies, could translate into several languages, and was always willing to help his colleagues and fellow journalists.

An Austrian patriot, he made it his mission to make Austria and Central Europe better known to the world. The countries of the Visegrád Group held a special place in his heart.

He was a major pillar of the editorial staff of our partner Unser Mitteleuropa, a news website he had co-founded, and we send our deepest condolences to our friends and colleagues.

Peter Hauer had also been a great help to the Visegrád Post since the launch of our website in 2016. We owe him for a few exceptional interviews as well as numerous translations. A discreet, amiable man who did not seek notoriety, Pit did a huge amount of work away from the spotlight, systematically putting his work before his own person.

Let us pray for Peter and his family.

Farewell, Peter! Thank you for everything!