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Czechia: Zeman rejection of a minister, leads to Fiala threats

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Czechia – After appointing the President of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Petr Fiala, as Prime Minister on November 28, the time had come for Czech President Miloš Zeman to appoint ministers proposed by Mr. Fiala. While on the whole this process is only a formality, Mr. Zeman might not agree with the appointment to the post of Foreign Affairs Minister  Mr. Jan Lipavský, an IT specialist in the banking sector and member of the Pirate Party.

Zeman asks hacker Lipavsky to relinquish foreign affairs portfolio

Mr. Lipavský was in fact auditioned by Miloš Zeman on Tuesday, December 7 at Lány Castle he made no comments at the end of his interview with the Head of State. However, according to the Czech press, Mr. Zeman may have simply asked him to give up his candidacy.

Petr Fiala wants to apply to the Constitutional Court

Prime Minister Petr Fiala did not acquiesce to this news and said on television:

“I believe […] that the government will be appointed as a whole. Should the president insist on reservations regarding a candidate for the role of minister, I would consider it necessary to take legal action […] to the Constitutional Court […] to clarify once and for all what are the president’s  powers and what are those of the Prime Minister in this matter”

 a process which, according to former constitutional judge Kateřina Šimáčková, cited by Novinky, could take some time.

That’s why former Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda (KDU-ČSL) suggested seeking to come to an understanding with the president instead:

“The idea that ​​a state or a prime minister would sue its president for disagreeing over the name of a member of the government, is bizarre

[…] Mr Lipavský can be minister of another ministry, he can be a permanent political assistant in the ministry, he can be an ambassador […] We have to look for a solution, not a war ”.