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Brussels using recovery fund to force LGBT agenda on Hungary

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Hungary/European Union – While the left-wing groups in the European Parliament are now openly interfering in the campaign for the Hungarian parliamentary elections on 3 April, on Thursday, 20 January, MEP Enikő Győri (Fidesz) gave new evidence that the European Commission is blackmailing Hungary by using the Next Generation EU recovery fund to impose the LGBT agenda on them.

Funds being withheld because of Child Protection Law

Ms. Győri said that the blocking of funds from the Next Generation EU recovery plan intended for Hungary (7.2 billion euros) is clearly not linked to the alleged issue of the rule of law and fears concerning supposed corruption – which has been the official story up to now – but rather to a completely different issue. The European Commission is reportedly putting pressure on the Budapest authorities over the child protection law which the LGBT lobby, very influential in Brussels, is furious about. And it looks like Viktor Orbán’s decision to have this law put to a referendum on 3 April – the same day as the parliamentary elections – has caused further outrage in Brussels. The Hungarian child protection law, as amended last June, is meant to prevent such abuse, as can be observed for example in the Netherlands, where children are subjected to compulsory “school activities” promoting homosexuality from kindergarten onwards.

“An illegal action by the Commission” 

Enikő Győri said at a press conference in Strasbourg that the European Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni (PD, Italy), had acknowledged “at the [ECOFIN] meeting on Tuesday that the European Commission is breaking the law, committing discriminatory sabotage, and playing politics. It had hidden this before, but has now admitted that it is linking cases that should not be linked under the EU treaties or the recovery fund legislation [to the funds]. (…)

We expect the French presidency of the EU Council to leave no room for illegal action by the Commission and to submit the Hungarian recovery plan to the Council for approval without delay.