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Could PiS lose Poland’s upcoming parliamentary elections?

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Poland – With the next parliamentary elections to be held by 11 November 2023 at the latest, a recent poll reported on 8 February by Do Rzeczy shows that the Polish opposition may have a chance of winning against the United Right, which is the coalition led by Law and Justice (PiS).

In the event that the entire liberal and left-wing opposition were to unite on a joint list, 45% of respondents said they would vote for them, while only 37% would vote for the United Right and 8.4% for the right-wing opposition coalition Konfederacja.

If only the PSL and Polska 2050 were to form a joint list, the United Right would come out on top with 34.6%, ahead of the Civic Coalition (KO) led by the PO (26.4%), the PSL/Polska 2050 coalition (14.8%), the New Left (8.4%), and Konfederacja (7.2%). However, in this scenario, the combined votes of the liberal and left-wing opposition parties (all of the above minus Konfederacja) would reach 49.6%, which makes an electoral victory for the Euro-enthusiastic opposition perfectly possible as long as they are able to form a coalition after the election.

This grim outlook for the coalition that has held power since 2015 is in line with another poll by United Surveys, according to which 60.1% of Poles believe that PiS has not been true to its own principle of “not going into politics for money”.