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After Brussels bombing, Poland reaffirms its refusal of taking in migrants

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Poland, Warsaw – The  Prime Minister Beata Szydło told a day after the bomb attacks of Brussels, that Poland cannot accept migrants at the moment.

“Twenty eight EU countries agreed to solve the issue through relocation… But I will say it very clearly. I do not see it possible to allow migrants in Poland at the moment,” Szydlo told TV station Superstacja.

While the Polish government stands firm on the migrant crisis topic, Radio Poland reports that opinion polls show that high majority of Poles are against taking in refugees or migrants from the Middle East. A poll published on indicates that 78% of asked Poles think that taking in refugees from the Middle East will compromise national security of Poland. These polls were made before the Brussels attacks.

Past week, Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Witold Waszczykowski criticized the EU’s relocation program, which seeks to relocate illegal migrants in every European Union’s country. “The forced relocation of refugees is an effort that does not make sense,” Waszczykowski told Polish Radio and added that the relocated asylum seekers in Poland will leave the country and most likely go to richer EU countries such as Germany and Sweden.

Meantime, the Mufti of Poland, Tomasz Miśkiewicz – descendant of Poland’s Tatar community, based in the country for several centuries -, told TVN 24 news channel that death penalty should be reinstated for terrorists. “The death penalty would not be comparable to executions carried out by the Islamic State as the sentences would be meted out to those responsible for the death of innocent people,” he told to the news channel. “This punishment should not only be for the actual perpetrators, but also anyone who is against freedom, who propagates terrorism,” he added.